The Worst Qualities in A Man

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It's one thing to know what to look for in a man, but what are the unattractive qualities that make you run in the other direction? This is a list of negative traits of men disliked by their friends and partners. Nobody's perfect, but mean, rude, and arrogant guys take the cake. This list of the worst qualities in a man is our chance to get it all out there once and for all. These are the personality traits we like the least in men and boys. Whether it's arrogance, dishonesty, or downright rudeness, these are the characteristics we hate to see in guys. What's the worst quality to avoid in a potential boyfriend or husband? What are the red flags you should never ignore? They're not dissimilar to the worst qualities in a woman and the worst qualities in a person.

Let's face it: we all possess at least a few of these qualities. Your lazy coworker loves to take a little cat nap at his desk every day. And your inconsiderate neighbor's annoyingly loud music keeps you up all night. This list is votable and rerankable, so take a look through, vote up which qualities you think are the worst, and hopefully, you'll be able to see a few of these qualities in yourself that you need to work on.

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