The Worst Qualities in Politicians

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Let's face it: politics can really bring out the worst in people, especially elected officials. Even the greatest politicians in history have had qualities that were horrible - or at best, really annoying. George Washington owned slaves, Teddy Roosevelt was an inveterate racist, Winston Churchill was a depressive alcoholic, and so on.

Just as every person has things about them that are good and bad, so too do the politicians we elect. Some of these qualities are criminal, sending politicians to prison for taking bribes, committing crimes, or exerting undue privilege. Others are just personality quirks or traits that some people find irritating. That irritation is heightened by the visibility and responsibilities of public office.

This list rounds up some of the worst qualities in politicians - from the merely annoying to the downright criminal. Vote up the most disgusting characteristics in lawmakers below! And if we missed any traits that really irritate you, be sure to add them to the list!

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  • Corruption
    588 votes


  • Dishonesty
    452 votes


  • Unethical
    415 votes


  • Greed
    379 votes


  • Hypocrisy
    331 votes


  • Blaming Others
    278 votes

    Blaming Others