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The 15 Worst Quirk Drawbacks In My Hero Academia, Ranked

It's great to have a quirk...right? Well, sort of. Some quirks have some serious drawbacks for the user, which makes you wonder if it's even worth having the quirk in the first place.

Eri's quirk, Rewind, was so hard to control when she was little that she ended her father's life by mistake. And while Izuku Midoriya's One For All is undoubtedly powerful, he's had to get used to regularly shattering his entire skeleton. Not every quirk with a huge drawback is that extreme - Ochaco Uraraka's Zero Gravity just makes her nauseated. But even seemingly small things like that can be difficult to overcome. 

Vote up the biggest quirk drawbacks in My Hero Academia that you'd never want to have to deal with. 

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    Mustard Has No Immunity To His Poisonous Gas

    The Quirk: Mustard can emit a toxic gas that puts his opponents to sleep. He can also read his opponent's movements by the subtle fluctuations of the gas. 

    The Drawback: Mustard isn't immune to his own quirk. This means that unless he's wearing a gas mask, he can't use it - that is, unless he wants to be knocked out, too. Considering his young age and relatively weak abilities, it'd be pretty simple for a stronger opponent to just rip the mask off. Since he has to continuously produce the gas for it to be effective, this would likely spell the end of the fight. 

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    Eri's Rewind Can Reverse Entire Lives

    The Quirk: Rewind allows Eri to revert living things to an earlier state by making their 'time' go backward. She can make someone younger, rewind them to before they sustained an injury or contracted an illness. Kai Chisaki even thinks that she could use it to reverse human evolution. 

    The Drawback: Eri's quirk manifested when she was too young to have any control over it. She accidentally rewound her father so far that he no longer existed, effectively ending his life. Naturally, this was incredibly traumatic for both Eri and her mother - and it also left her vulnerable to being used in Kai Chisaki's grotesque experiments. These days, she's learning to use her quirk to help people, not hurt them, but it was a painful journey to get there, and the cost of messing up is high. 

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    Double Traumatized Twice

    The Quirk: As long as he knows the physical features and measurements, Jin Bubaigawara can create up to two copies at a time of any person or object he chooses. He can also create copies of himself, which possess the same ability, which means that his copying capacity is potentailly unlimited. 

    The Drawback: Jin's doubles all felt that they were the original, and began fighting each other for supremacy. Eventually, they all destroyed each other while he watched in horror. Watching exact replicas of himself slay each other traumatized him. What's more, it gave him an identity crisis - after that, he was no longer certain whether he was the original, or a copy. While not everyone would have the same experiences with Double, it's clearly a deeply damaging possibility. 

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    Food Leaves Soramitsu Constantly Hungry

    The Quirk: Soramitsu Tabe's quirk, Food, allows him to eat anything that he can get into physical contact with, from real food like a riceball to an object like a truck. The size and material do not matter, all that matters is that he can touch it with his mouth.

    The Drawback: No matter how much Soramitsu eats, he never feels full. He can never experience being satisfied after a meal, or focus on anything that isn't eating. Also, he isn't immune to poison, but his obsessive need to constantly eat may cause him to eat poison anyway. 

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