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The 15 Worst Quirk Drawbacks In My Hero Academia, Ranked

It's great to have a quirk...right? Well, sort of. Some quirks have some serious drawbacks for the user, which makes you wonder if it's even worth having the quirk in the first place.

Eri's quirk, Rewind, was so hard to control when she was little that she ended her father's life by mistake. And while Izuku Midoriya's One For All is undoubtedly powerful, he's had to get used to regularly shattering his entire skeleton. Not every quirk with a huge drawback is that extreme - Ochaco Uraraka's Zero Gravity just makes her nauseated. But even seemingly small things like that can be difficult to overcome. 

Vote up the biggest quirk drawbacks in My Hero Academia that you'd never want to have to deal with. 

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    Dabi's Burns Are Caused By Cremation

    The Quirk: Using Cremation, Dabi can produce blue flames that burn at 2,000°C (3,632°F). These are so powerful that they can reduce their targets to ash within seconds. They get stronger when Dabi experiences strong emotions.

    The Drawback: Unlike most people with fire-based quirks, Dabi lacks resistance to fire. This means that he's only minimally able to survive his own flames. He can't use his quirk for long periods without risking his life, and he's sustained repeated, severe burns because of it. 

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    Kaminari Zaps His Own Brain With Electrification

    The Quirk: Electrification lets Kaminari create and (minimally) control electricity. He can use this to shock his opponents, but he can also use it for things like charging his cell phone. 

    The Drawback: If Kaminari overuses his quirk, he essentially fries his brain. This makes him unable to think clearly or participate in battle. He's lucky he's in an anime, because realistically speaking the consequences of repeatedly electrocuting yourself would be much more dangerous! 

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    Permeation Could Be Fatal 

    The Quirk: Using Permeation, Mirio Togata can make all or part of his body intangible, and pass them through solid matter. 

    The Drawback: This quirk looks simple, but only because Mirio is so good at using it. In reality, it's incredibly difficult to pull off. If he fully activates his quirk, his clothes fly off of his body. This is embarrassing, but it gets worse. While he's using his quirk, he can't use any of his senses or breathe, because light, oxygen, sound, and other things are passing through him. The first part is challenging on a logistical and emotional level, but the second part could mean suffocating. That brings us to the biggest drawback - done incorrectly, Permeation could end Mirio's life. 

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    Shigaraki Can Destroy His Loved Ones With Decay

    The Quirk: By applying all five of his fingers to any solid living or non-living object, Shigaraki Tomura can cause it to disintegrate. The effects can not only spread throughout the entire body or object he touched but can also spread to anyone or anything else that comes in contact with it. This creates a domino effect.

    The Drawback: As a child, Tomura could not fully control his quirk, and ended up accidentally annihilating his entire family. Though he has better control as an adult, he has to be constantly aware of his own hands to avoid causing damage he doesn't intend. It's also possible that he's not fully immune to it himself - his skin is extremely dry and perpetually flaking off. This could be just a coincidence, but it's heavily implied that this is a manifestation of his quirk. 

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