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The 17 Worst Quirks in 'My Hero Academia' You Definitely Wouldn't Want

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Any viewer of My Hero Academia, dedicated or casual, thinks about what quirk they would want as their own. It's only natural to want one of the most powerful quirks. But on the opposite end, have you thought about which quirk you would absolutely not want under any circumstances? It's time to explore the worst quirks in My Hero Academia.

All quirks can be used to impressive effect if the user boasts a strong will and a creative outlook.  Still, the worst My Hero Academia quirks come with a ton of danger, are difficult to control, or are simply useless.

As underrated My Hero Academia quirks demonstrate, unusual quirks aren't always the worst. That said, the ones below are pretty awful.

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    Pop Off Is A Little Lame

    Minoru Mineta's quirk, Pop Off, isn't exactly the coolest quirk in the MHA universe. In fact, many fans wonder how Mineta even got into U.A.'s Class 1-A. Pop Off allows him to produce and use sticky ball-shaped objects from his head. These balls will stick to anything and can be useful in climbing up walls or sticking his enemies in place. However, his quirk doesn't allow for offensive attacks. Plus, if he plucks too many balls, his head starts bleeding. Needless to say, there are cooler and flashier quirks out there. 

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    You'll Eat Way Too Much Sugar With Sugar Rush

    Rikido Satou's quirk, Sugar Rush, sounds pretty awesome at first - if he eats sugar, he gets super strength. While this sounds delicious, there are drawbacks. First of all, he increases his strength for three minutes per 10 grams of sugar consumed - that means drinking a can of Coke will buy him about 12 minutes. That could be enough for a short battle, but it may not. Also, the whole time he's using his quirk, his energy and mental capacity decrease, making him far less likely to make good decisions or escape a speedy enemy.

    Also, the long-term health impact of consuming that much sugar is unclear. As a teenage boy who presumably suffers from no health problems, Satou is able to process it just fine - but will that always be the case? Excessive sugar intake over the long term makes you much more likely to develop heart disease, among other issues.

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    Cemedine Would Make You Feel Terrible

    Think about the last time you experienced a bad cold - the kind where your mucus becomes so sticky and thick that it feels like glue. Cemedine is this, but worse, more, and all the time. Kojirou Bondo shoots a gluey substance out of his face that traps opponents. It can be dissolved with acid, but not much else.

    His head seems to be built to handle this more efficiently than the average human's might, but it still probably doesn't feel great to have a head full of gluey, sticky stuff. Even if he generates it spontaneously and doesn't store it, the feeling of ejecting it is likely pretty unpleasant.

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    Sleep Gas Doesn't Come With Immunity

    Sleep Gas could be an incredible quirk if the user were actually immune to it - and Mustard isn't. He creates and controls a harmful, sleep-inducing gas, but unless he wears a gas mask, he ends up just as affected as his enemies. While he boasts the advantage of planning ahead and bringing a gas mask with him to battles, if it gets knocked off his face, he's out of luck.

    What's more, anyone who knows about his quirk - or who has a quirk that allows them to filter out toxins in any way - can easily avoid his attacks. Could this quirk be awesome? Sure. Is it? Not really.

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