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The 17 Worst Quirks in 'My Hero Academia' You Definitely Wouldn't Want

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Any viewer of My Hero Academia, dedicated or casual, thinks about what quirk they would want as their own. It's only natural to want one of the most powerful quirks. But on the opposite end, have you thought about which quirk you would absolutely not want under any circumstances? It's time to explore the worst quirks in My Hero Academia.

All quirks can be used to impressive effect if the user boasts a strong will and a creative outlook.  Still, the worst My Hero Academia quirks come with a ton of danger, are difficult to control, or are simply useless.

As underrated My Hero Academia quirks demonstrate, unusual quirks aren't always the worst. That said, the ones below are pretty awful.

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    Shame Requires You To Publicly Humiliate Yourself

    Does this even need an explanation? Although the character Teruo Hazukashi only appears for a minute in Season 4 Episode 24, he makes quite the impression. Preparing to get revenge on his company, he tries to trigger his quirk, Shame, which gives him increasing power and strength as he becomes more embarrassed. While power ups are always cool, publicly humiliating yourself to trigger it sounds pretty awful. Just as he strips down naked to activate his quirk, Hawks quickly knocks him out while walking with Endeavor. 

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    You Can't Do A Whole Lot With Bendy Fingers

    Luckily, David Shield doesn't need to rely on his quirk as he's blessed with a genius level intellect. His quirk, Bendy Fingers, allows him to bend his fingers farther than the average person. It's not super useful nor impressive. While it might be helpful for him when building his hero costumes and gadgets, most would be pretty disappointed if they were given a dull quirk like Bendy Fingers. 

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    Gecko Doesn't Contain Many Lizard-like Abilities

    The League of Villains' Shuichi Iguchi (AKA Spinner) possesses the quirk, Gecko, which gives him a lizard-like appearance and the ability to stick to walls - but not much else. There could be so many different and unique abilities that come with being a mutant lizard. But unfortunately, his quirk doesn't give him too many options. Perhaps that's why Spinner's main use of attack is using his cool swords. He's had to make do with his blades in order to become a villain.

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    Navel Laser Can Be Fatal If Overused

    Firing a laser beam out from your belly button sounds fun - but only if you know you can control it. Yuuga Aoyama's quirk Navel Laser is potentially fatal, but less to villains than to himself. His lasers sometimes fire off randomly and are controlled by a special belt that he can't take off. Overusing his quirk causes stomach pain, and firing it imprecisely can damage his organs or even end his life. It's taken a lifetime for Aoyama to be able to use his quirk safely at all.

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