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Gordon Ramsay's Most Nightmarish Kitchen Nightmares

Updated 8 May 2020 4.4k votes 1.2k voters 41.7k views20 items

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Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares is a strange beast in the realm of reality TV shows. On one hand, it is a grand, seven-season thesis on how human laziness is more dangerous than outright malice. In every episode, some dynamic of several people saying "not my problem" builds into a massive, life-endangering, business-destroying, family-ruining mess. Worst of all, after Ramsay leaves and the credits roll, over 60 percent of the restaurants go right back to being terrible at everything and close down.

Kitchen Nightmares is also a convincing argument for why Gordon Ramsay needs to be canonized as a modern saint. The level of patience he shows in the face of insane restaurateurs, violent chefs, and vomit-inducing food seems divinely inspired at times. So in honor of the strange case study of humanity that is Kitchen Nightmares, let's rank the worst people on Kitchen Nightmares! After you've binged these episodes, make sure to check out shows like Kitchen Nightmares. Vote up the worst restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares that you would never even consider eating at.

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