The Worst Rappers of All Time

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Featuring SoundCloud rappers who went mainstream to YouTubers who also rap (sort of), this is the definitive list of the worst rappers of all time. For every decent, innovative rapper out there, there are several copycat artists that bring nothing to the table. Below, you'll find who many feel are the worst of the worst in the genre. Sure, these best of and worst of lists are subjective, but plenty of us can agree on who the wack rappers are. What some feel is the bottom of the barrel, you might think is pretty great. On the other hand, rappers like Vanilla Ice, Marky Mark, and The Insane Clown Posse have been, for the most part, universally panned over the years. Sales have nothing to do with it either. While researching this list we’ve discovered there are some million-selling artists like Iggy Azalea, Drake and Nikki Minaj that are pretty polarizing among hip hop aficionados.

We need your input. Who, to you, is the worst rapper out there? Who is the worst white rapper? Which artist made the stupidest rap ever? Who do you think are the 100 worst rappers, or even the top 10? Take a look at the list of bad rappers below and cast your votes accordingly. And, if you need a chaser after this list, dive into the best new hip hop with our list of 2020's top rap songs.

Most divisive: Nicki Minaj
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  • Jake Paul
    11,643 votes

    This YouTuber-turned-rapper's lack of lyrical depth and subpar flow earned him widespread criticism, while his reliance on shock value and controversy to gain attention further tarnished his reputation in the hip-hop community. With heavily auto-tuned vocals masking any semblance of authenticity, his songs come across as uninspired attempts to cash in on fleeting fame. Ultimately, this artist's inability to offer any meaningful contributions to the genre has solidified his position among its most notorious figures.

  • Team 10

    Team 10

    It's Everyday Bro, Randy Savage
    954 votes

    This social media collective's attempt at launching rap careers was met with derision, as their lazy lyricism and generic beats left listeners unimpressed. The group's apparent disregard for traditional hip-hop values drew ire from fans and critics alike, who viewed their music as a shallow cash grab rather than genuine artistic expression. Overall, their amateurish performances and vapid subject matter make it clear why they're regarded as an embarrassing footnote in rap history.

  • Logan Paul
    7,752 votes

    Another internet star whose transition to rap was marred by a lack of talent and substance, this artist's superficial lyrics and cringe-worthy delivery exposed his musical ineptitude. His penchant for using sensationalism to draw attention overshadowed any potential artistic growth, while his controversial behavior outside of music further alienated him from the hip-hop community. In the end, his inability to demonstrate even basic proficiency in rapping has cemented his status as a cautionary tale for aspiring musicians.

  • The Backpack Kid

    The Backpack Kid

    1,154 votes

    Though initially gaining fame for his viral dance moves, this internet sensation's transition to rap proved disastrous as his amateurish flow and cringe-inducing lyrics were met with widespread disdain. His attempts at humor often fell flat, serving only to emphasize his lack of skill in crafting engaging verses or memorable hooks. Ultimately, this artist stands as a cautionary example of the dangers of attempting to parlay internet fame into a legitimate musical career without proper preparation or talent.

  • Lil Xan
    Betrayed, Total Xanarchy
    8,644 votes
    • Genres (Music): Hip hop, Trap, Cloud rap, Emo hip hop

    Despite achieving some commercial success early in his career, this rapper quickly became notorious for his mumbled delivery and repetitive subject matter focused on drug abuse. His sluggish flow and simplistic rhyme schemes did little to engage listeners or showcase any technical skill, while his public antics often overshadowed what little artistic merit he may have possessed. As a result, he remains a prime example of how fleeting fame can be when built on such a shaky foundation.

  • Jacob Sartorius

    Jacob Sartorius

    892 votes

    This singer-turned-rapper's attempt to break into the hip-hop scene was met with widespread mockery, as his juvenile lyrics and grating voice failed to resonate with audiences. His lack of originality and reliance on clichéd themes only served to further diminish any potential appeal, while his over-produced tracks did little to hide his vocal shortcomings. Ultimately, this artist's inability to forge a unique identity or display genuine talent has left him languishing among rap's most reviled figures.