The Absolute Worst Real Housewives

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Any Real Housewife from any season or city of the Bravo show. Upvote the most annoying, terrible, and untalented Housewives.

The Bravo reality TV Real Housewives franchise features some of the biggest personalities in the reality television world, and many of these women are some of the worst reality TV stars of all time. Whether they're starting cat fights, throwing drinks, or recording "music," which of the Real Housewives is the worst? 

The housewives that are featured on this list include all of most annoying Real Housewives cast members from any season or location, such as Orange County, New York City, Beverly Hills, New Jersey, and Atlanta. They're often loud, obnoxious, and bring plenty of drama to the Bravo network. From huge scandals to minor spats, these are definitely the most annoying of all the Real Housewives.

This list includes popular Real Housewives such as Alex McCord, Heather Dubrow, Adriana De Moura, Sheree Whitfield, Joanna Krupa, Aviva Drescher, Kim Zolciak, and Sonja Morgan. Which Real Housewife is the worst? Which of the Real Housewives are most obnoxious? Cast your votes below and help answer these questions.
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