The Worst-Reviewed Historical Movies Of All Time

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Not every movie is a perfect 10. In fact, most movies aren't, and those that fall closer to the lower end of the scale tend to get savaged by critics. Historical movies that get things wrong, because they are dealing with real events and people, can be particularly lambasted by reviewers, and the most panned movies about history offer an eye-opening look into how not to make a historical film. From downright strange cartoons made out of real life tragedies to remarkably tone-deaf attempts at splashy historical epics, the worst-reviewed historical movies are probably not what you'd call an educational viewing experience. Nonetheless, these historical films critics hated just might be considered so bad you can't tear yourself away. So long as you understand you're watching a very poor and probably wholly inaccurate movie about something that really happened, you may even enjoy these historical movies that bombed. Just promise us you won't take a history test immediately afterward.