Romantic Gestures That Are Actually the Worst

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Hopeless romantics love a good John Hughes movie because they give hope that no matter how bad the situation, true love wins in the end. However, as anyone who has ever dated can tell you, elaborate romantic gestures that work on-screen don't always work as well in real life. So the next time you’re reaching for ideas to declare your love, refer to this list of the worst romantic gestures of all time before you do anything. 

Before you decide to present your significant other with that giant teddy bear or hire a mariachi band to serenade them in public, scroll through this list of some of the worst romantic gifts, cheesy gestures, and just plain annoying attempts to impress. Then, take steps to keep them from ever happening to you.

Whether you are a budding romantic or are just tired of striking out, you are in luck here. These definite "don'ts" help put your best foot forward on your next date or at the very least keep you from tanking out the gate. Put away those racy undergarments you planned to gift your person for their birthday and study up on what not to do during your next relationship.

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  • Showing Up In The Shower Uninvited

    Showing Up In The Shower Uninvited

    2,186 votes

    It might seem super steamy in the movies, but the truth is shower time is one of the few personal moments most people get in a day. Unless you received an innuendo-laden invite to the shower stall, wait your turn. 

  • Kissing Someone Mid-Sentence

    Kissing Someone Mid-Sentence

    2,043 votes

    It's plain rude to silence someone with a kiss. This gesture instead conveys to your person you aren't interested in what they have to say. 

  • Making Out In The Rain

    Making Out In The Rain

    2,041 votes

    Kissing in the rain ruin everyone's clothes. Plus, the droplets are cold, so in mere seconds, the gesture goes from slightly romantic to significantly uncomfortable. 

  • Showing Up Unexpectedly At Their House

    Showing Up Unexpectedly At Their House

    1,996 votes

    Never go to someone's home uninvited. What if they're not even home? What if they are engaging in some bizarre solo ritual? What if they are taking a nap? The bottom line is showing up unexpectedly is just plain creepy. 

  • Proposing In A Super Public Place

    Proposing In A Super Public Place

    2,098 votes

    What if the other person turns you down? What if they only say "yes" because they don't want to embarrass you? So many things can go wrong with a public proposal. 

  • Watching Them Sleep

    Watching Them Sleep

    1,956 votes

    Watching a sleeping person is an invasion of privacy. And it's more strange than romantic, to be honest.