The 19 Most Depressing Rooms Ever Offered For Rent In NYC

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If you ever looked around your apartment and found your surroundings a little lacking, then consider these selections from Tumblr blog The Worst Room to show you how good you actually have it. The Worst Room chronicles a selection of actual advertisements featuring the worst places to rent in New York City and beyond. These glorified dressing rooms often lack windows, walls, and in many cases even privacy. As outrageous as they get, these condo cubicles are the types of apartments where movie characters would realistically live. As space becomes more and more of an issue in NYC, expect pseudo little houses like the ones below to go from shocking to standard issue.

Feast your eyes on the most outrageous bad New York apartments the city has to offer as you navigate the treacherous terrain of closet-to-bedroom conversions, "Bohemia," and rooms you may or may not have to share with poltergeists. Who even knows what the neighbors are probably like. Best of all, you get the chance to compare rates from one hellhole to another, letting you choose your own personal inferno better than Dante ever could.