Weirdly Interesting The 23 Most Idiotic Bad-Science Moments in Disaster Movies  

Robert Wabash
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List Rules Only disaster movie science -- geology, astronomy, meteorology, physics, etc.

Hollywood has no time for science! It's too slow/too fast, too dangerous/too benign, and mostly too complicated to be bothered with on the big screen. Disaster movies are the worst offenders of them all.

If you have your fave bad-science moments in any disaster film at all, add it! I want more! MORE! 
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Lava's Not Really That Hot

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Ha ha, oh Lava. That? No problem. If you have watched Volcano or Dante's Peak, you know you can totally hang out behind the safety of concrete construction barricades and have a coffee. Or climb out over it on a ladder. It might make you sweat or something. But it's not like its around 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Sure, people can collapse from heat exhaustion when it hits 120 degrees, but lava is different. Apparently. Did you know you can drive over it and only get some popped tires? Pierce Brosnan did it, so can you! 
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You Can Survive the Blast of a SuperVolcano

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The Yellowstone super volcano has previously erupted three times with a force up 2,500 times of Mount St. Helens... an eruption that generated a blast equal to 27,000 Hiroshima-sized nuclear weapons. This yellowstone eruption of the past covered almost all of the current U.S. in ash.

Now, let's sit back together, steeple our fingers thoughtfully and remember how John Cusack stood there with his kid and watched as the Caldera in 2012 blew. Not only did the force of the blast not completely liquify the pair of them, but they weren't even deafened. Or blinded.

Fun fact: RVs can outrun the blast radius of an Extinction Level Event like this. I bet your grandpa feels much more justified in his retirement purchase now.

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Hubble Can Be Instantly Pointed at Whatever We Want to Look At

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Quick, what's that? Is it a fleet of alien spaceships? Another damned rock we somehow missed? Let's use Hubble! 
Only one wee problem. You can't just move the joystick on your Astronomer's Special Keyboard to retrain that thing on something else. Usually it takes two weeks because they have to rewrite software in order to make that thing move. In an extreme emergency, however, (and I guess all the things that happen on this qualify), it could be moved in two DAYS. 
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You Can Outrun Cold Temperatures

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Say, for example, there's this magic super storm and the "eye" of it is sucking air out of the chilly troposphere. Well, supposedly if you were in that "eye," it would get really cold. Because the Troposphere reaches temps of 60 degrees F (OMG! I need a light sweater!) to -60 degrees F at the coldest. Apparently, that's like liquid nitrogen or something. Don't tell the folks who live in Alaska.

Even if 60 degrees were actually THAT cold, it turns out that molecules of air compress as they come down, which would mean they would warm adiabatically. The air molecules are closer together nearer to Earth because of this thing called "gravity." More densely populated molecules means more kinetic energy, which means warmth. So... there's that.

Sure, the magic science of the Day After Tomorrow tells us that "the air is descending too fast to warm up," but that's hilariously stupid. That's like saying the laws of physics are just a suggestion. A guideline, if you will. This is like saying that "speed" beats all natural laws. Kind of like how, if you run fast enough, you can outrun air.

P.S. A couple of wooden doors will stop that magic science air "cold" in its tracks. Haha... see what I did there?