The Worst Episodes Of 'Seinfeld'

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When it was on the air, Seinfeld was the number one program around, and some of the characters, comments, and episodes featured throughout its nine-season run are still hilarious examples of late-80s and early-90s comedy. The series ran for a total of 169 episodes, and while most of them are as funny and relevant to this day (an impressive feat for "a show about nothing"), not all of them can be considered classics. In fact, some of the worst Seinfeld episodes have been panned by both critics and fans alike.

Now, let's not mince words here: Seinfeld was (and still is) one of the greatest shows ever made. That said, some episodes have aged better than others. Whether the comedy wasn't on-point, the topics were more offensive than originally intended, or parts of the dialogue were so off-character that they were hard to believe, these 12 episodes are often considered by both viewers and critics to be low moments in an otherwise standout series.

Check out the select few episodes that are widely considered to be flops and vote up all the ones you think missed the mark. That way new viewers can prepare themselves for the low points (which admittedly aren't many) in an otherwise fantastic series.