Most Extreme Self-Inflicted Plastic Surgery Cases From 'Botched'

E!'s reality TV show Botched abounds with people who underwent outrageous plastic surgeries. Though many of the patients can tell stories of procedures gone wrong, the self-inflicted plastic surgery tales remain the most mind-boggling. 

From plastic surgery addicts (like the notorious Human Ken Doll) to those living their truth (like Vinny, the Genderless Alien), the intentional plastic surgery on Botched continues to entertain, astound, and - when it goes wrong - be a little traumatic. And the sky's the limit: why stop at breast implants when you can get liposuction for your knees?

Many plastic surgery addicts go through over a hundred procedures, and more than a few of their surgeries will strike you as odd. Clearly, these individuals don't plan on stopping anytime soon, which makes Botched the gift that keeps giving.