Most Extreme Self-Inflicted Plastic Surgery Cases From 'Botched'

E!'s reality TV show Botched abounds with people who underwent outrageous plastic surgeries. Though many of the patients can tell stories of procedures gone wrong, the self-inflicted plastic surgery tales remain the most mind-boggling. 

From plastic surgery addicts (like the notorious Human Ken Doll) to those living their truth (like Vinny, the Genderless Alien), the intentional plastic surgery on Botched continues to entertain, astound, and - when it goes wrong - be a little traumatic. And the sky's the limit: why stop at breast implants when you can get liposuction for your knees?

Many plastic surgery addicts go through over a hundred procedures, and more than a few of their surgeries will strike you as odd. Clearly, these individuals don't plan on stopping anytime soon, which makes Botched the gift that keeps giving.

  • Martina Big, Who Wanted Butt Implants To Match Her Breasts

    Martina Big, Who Wanted Butt Implants To Match Her Breasts
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    Martina Big came to the Botched doctors wanting large butt implants to match her giant breast implants. Big's breasts were so large she even had custom valves implanted for continual self-inflation with saline. The doctors, clearly astonished, chose not to operate on her.

    In early 2018, Big made headlines and stirred up controversy when she claimed to have turned herself into a Black woman. Big allegedly used tanning injections to make her skin darker, and said her hair even changed texture. She's also seeking a nose job to "make it look African," and still wants her huge butt implants. 

  • Brian Zembic, The Gamblin' Man Who Got Implants

    Brian Zembic, The Gamblin' Man Who Got Implants
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    Professional gambler and magician Brian Zembic received male breast implants after making a bet with friends for $100,000. While trying to win the bet, Zembic went to a plastic surgeon who was also a fellow gambler. There, Zembic won another bet for free implants.

    Though the terms stated he only had to keep the implants for a year, Zembic says he "got lazy," and alleges they haven't "hurt [his] ability to get girls." Zembic also said having breasts for 20 years gave him a new appreciation for women. "You start to see what pigs we men are, the way we talk about breasts - like they're jewelry, or a hat, or something."

    Eventually, Zembic became a parent and decided to remove the implants, heading to Botched for the procedure.

  • Katella, The Real-Life Blow-Up Doll

    Katella, The Real-Life Blow-Up Doll
    Video: YouTube

    Alicia Amira, AKA Katella Dash, didn't come to the Botched doctors to get anything fixed - she wanted several more extreme surgeries. Dash asked for a rib removal, a Brazilian butt lift, and something called an "internal corset." Her goal: become a living blow-up doll,

    Dash fully committed herself to the cause. She wanted to sew her fingers together into a more doll-like hand, calling it "bimbofication." Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif objected to the idea of "bimbofication," citing the extreme risks, health concerns, and chance of body dysmorphic disorder developing.

  • Lacey Wildd, The Pig-Skin Woman

    Lacey Wildd, The Pig-Skin Woman
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    Lacey Wildd didn't come to Botched to fix her unnaturally large breasts; rather, she wanted them made bigger.

    As a "triple L" bust size, Wildd already possessed 3,500cc implants. Thanks to the weight of the implants, previous surgeons reinforced them using pig skin woven into a sort of corset inside the breasts. Despite having pig skin grafted to her body, Wildd still wanted enlargement, showing up on Botched to request a "triple Q" size to qualify her as having one of the top three largest chests in the world.

    The Botched doctors refused to operate on Wildd, though, since adding anything else to her breasts might cause them to burst. Wildd told them she'd consider their advice, but admitted she'd most likely look for other doctors more agreeable to her requests.

  • Pixee Fox, The Real-Life Cartoon

    Pixee Fox, The Real-Life Cartoon
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    Pixee Fox, a model from Stockholm, Sweden, came to Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow hoping to look more like a cartoon. Fox had already done so much to achieve this look, however, the Botched doctors felt it couldn't be taken any further. Dr. Nassif told her outright, "You would look cartoonish in a deformed, ugly way."

    In an attempt to gain a cartoon-like body of extreme curves and angles, Fox had six ribs removed to make her waist smaller. Additionally, she underwent three nose jobs, four breast augmentations, liposuction, a Brazilian butt lift, and fillers. The doctors ultimately refused to operate further on Fox, saying more procedures and alterations to her natural form might prove dangerous.

  • Vinny, The Genderless Alien

    Vinny, The Genderless Alien
    Video: YouTube

    Vinny is an LGBTQ+ activist and a manifestation of the belief that people shouldn't have labels. According to them:

    "Over the years, I've realized I'm not gay, bi, trans, or any of those things. I just want to be me. I do it to inspire the world in a certain way. I want people to stop labeling others or putting them in boxes." 

    When they visited the Botched doctors in 2015, Vinny had already undergone 110 cosmetic procedures in an attempt to supersede their own humanity. In addition to plastic surgery, their aesthetic includes black and multi-colored contact lenses, talons, and bright hair colors. Vinny told the doctors they wanted to appear more otherworldly, though, and become a "genderless alien."

    Vinny's 110 procedures included whole-body and facial laser treatments, as well as lip fillers, Botox sessions, nose procedures, and facial peels. Their goal in seeing the doctors on Botched: to consult on having their belly button, nipples, and - eventually - genitals removed. The docs denied Vinny more surgery, citing health risks, but praised them for the way they lived their truth.