The Worst Sensations That Happen While Eating

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Eating is a real pleasure, for the most part. But bad things do happen, as anyone who's ever had a Dorito tip rammed beneath their gum line can attest. There are a number of terrible sensations that arise while eating food that most everyone relates to - and despises. Cast your vote now to determine the absolute worst.

Turns out I'm not the only one who has experienced "spinach teeth" and "mango mouth." Google these irritating phenomena and you'll find scientific explanations for each. When chewing spinach, oxalate crystals are released and coat your teeth, creating a sensation most people simply describe as "funny." Mangos contain urushiol, the same substance in poison ivy that makes you itch. For people with an allergy, eating mango doesn't just make their mouths "feel weird," it gives them a severe rash, sometimes with blisters.

Other top eating annoyances and food pet peeves occur when food is too hot or too cold. The instant headache you get from eating a popsicle too fast can be debilitating. Cold sensitivity on your teeth is a painful, icky feeling. When the roof of your mouth is burned by pizza, causing a thin, little piece of skin to hang down, it can ruin your entire day.

It's emotional stuff, these eating pet peeves. Are you livid when you swallow a hair? Does it piss you off when your throat is burned by coffee or tea? When this stuff happens at restaurants, some people have gotten so mad about it they've sued. Possibly the worst cases are when there's no one to blame but yourself: you're chowing down mindlessly and you bite your lip or your tongue. You have to admit that sucks.
Most divisive: Pang from super sour food
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  • Biting tongue
    1,462 votes

    Biting tongue

  • Food goes down wrong hole
    235 votes

    Food goes down wrong hole

    When you're eating or drinking something, and some of it goes down the wrong hole and you start choking like crazy. 
  • Biting your cheek
    112 votes

    Biting your cheek

  • Cold sensitivity on teeth
    1,369 votes

    Cold sensitivity on teeth

  • A Sudden Nasty Taste
    151 votes

    A Sudden Nasty Taste

  • Pizza burns roof of mouth, skin hangs down
    1,276 votes

    Pizza burns roof of mouth, skin hangs down