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The 15 Worst 'Simpsons' Episodes Ever

23 Mar 2020 2.6k votes 413 voters 20.4k views15 items

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As the longest-running sitcom of all time, The Simpsons has been a fan favorite for decades. In that time, there have been so many classic episodes, but there have also been quite a number of duds—especially when you start looking at the later seasons. This list takes a look at the worst episodes of The Simpsons ranked by your votes.

From bad celebrity appearances to outlandish vacations to storylines that make you go “D'oh!,” some Simpsons episodes are definite skippers. While early seasons are generally thought of as The Simpsons' glory days, bad episodes can be found across the board.

Whether they had low ratings, bad reviews, or both, check out the 20 bad Simpsons episodes and vote up all the duds you think are the worst. Share your opinion to help Simpsons' newcomers know which episodes aren't worth watching.

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