15 People Reveal The Worst Situations They Put Themselves In So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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"How did I get myself into this?!" We've all said it before, but our stories are never the same. These Redditors are sharing worst situations people put themselves in so you can try to avoid doing the same. Vote up the absolute worst situations that were completely their fault, and try not to fall into the same traps.

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    Forgot Something Extremely Important At Their Desk

    From Redditor u/khendron:

    I've told this one before, but it is worth a revisit:

    Back in the floppy disk, pre-Internet days of computers I was tasked by my job to do a software installation onboard a coast guard ice breaker. I flew from Ottawa to Halifax. Then I caught a taxi to CFB Shearwater, from where a twin otter flew me 1000 km north to a town on the border of Quebec and Labrador. From there I was flown by helicopter to do an at-sea landing on the ice breaker. I went down to the engine control room, where the computer was located, and laid out the disks: disk 1, disk 2, disk 3, disk 4, disk 6. Disk 5 was still on my computer back in Ottawa.

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    Hit A Mysterious Button And Accidentally Called The Cops

    From Redditor u/reachfell:

    We had a new wine cellar installed in our store and I had to grab a few bottles from there. I tried flicking the light switch to no avail, so I spammed a button next to it thinking that it might be how we turn the lights on now. A few minutes later, I was leaving the beer box and some cops were waiting at the door. They asked me if anyone else was in there, so I said "No". They proceeded to unholster their pistols and clear the area.

    I went up to the front and my brother was unfathomably p*ssed at me. The button was our new silent alarm. The cops laughed their *sses off at me while my brother chewed me out. I apologized to them for their trouble and he told me, "Don't be sorry for them! You just gave them free training and cost me hundreds!!". The cops proceeded to laugh much more vigorously.

    I felt so f*cking stupid and bad for my brother :(

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    Drove Recklessly And Hit A House

    From a former Redditor:

    When I was 16 I was driving reckless in my grand am along with my friend who was in his giant bronco. He passed me on a residential street then I went to do it to him. He turned left when I was next to him and his truck was pretty high off the ground so he didn't see me. Our vehicles got locked together and with forward speed I launched us straight into a house. Our cars unlocked but his was stuck in the house. It ended up being a teacher's house from our school too.

    To make things worse I had to call my mom and tell her and said we hit a house and there was a hole in the side of it. She asked how big the hole was, so I said "uhhhh you can throw a basketball through it". Then they put it on the front page of our town's evening newspaper and she saw how big it was then she was p*ssed that I didn't tell her you could fit an 87 bronco through the hole.

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    Snapped Someone Else's Glasses

    From a Redditor:

    I was very drunk at a warehouse party this one time, chilling with friends. One dude who I was trying to flirt with (badly) asks to try on my friend's glasses (drunkenly); she obliges, haha, great, this is totally fucking hilarious. I go "ME TOO," I know upon touching the glasses that this is a terrible idea because I lose all hand-eye coordination when I drink, I take them in my hands and put them on, and I swear to god they touch my ears and snap.

    I was so embarrassed I nearly cried.

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    Played Darts While Drunk

    From a Redditor:

    I was really drunk and challenged my brother to throw a dart at my hand at a bar as I placed it on a dartboard, thinking that this would make me look like a badass. He proceeded to hit my hand several times, drawing a little blood, but nothing serious (at the time). Over the next few days, my finger swells up, and it turns out to be Osteomylitis (a bone infection). Ended up practically bed-ridden for almost 3 months with a PICC line (a portable IV in a fanny pack) administering powerful antibiotics into my arm and to my heart. This was right after passing the bar and getting a good firm job, which ended up falling through.

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    Experimented In The Microwave And Things Got Messy

    From Redditor u/punkwalrus:

    My best friend and I (16/17 years old) were bored and decided to see what we could put in the microwave oven and what it would do. We knew metal was bad, so we didn't do that, but we tried marshmallows, candy, a Lego minifig, and so on.

    We heard an egg was bad, and "would explode." After some debating, we sealed the egg in a heavy glass casserole dish, tied the handles together with a rubber band, and turned it on.

    1 minute, nothing.
    2 minutes, nothing.
    3 minutes, nothing...

    At about the 4-minute mark, we discussed the "what do you do when the firecracker doesn't go off?" scenarios and then suddenly:


    There was a stack of wicker paper plate holders on top of the microwave that went everywhere. The explosion caused a heavy, 1970s-era "radar range" microwave oven to hop a few inches off the counter. The door was blown open and steam and smoke went everywhere.

    We unplugged the microwave and assessed the damage. The glass lid of the casserole dish, with a glass knob on top, has smashed through the roof and dented the outer metal sheeting in the microwave. The dish was not broken, but the rubber bands had been ripped apart. There were miniscule crumbs of yellow egg powder peppered everywhere.