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The All-Time Worst Episodes Of 'The Sopranos'

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The Sopranos is easily one of the best crime television series ever made, and that's clear with its Peabody Awards, 21 Primetime Emmy Awards, and five Golden Globes. The show was essentially printing money for HBO while it was on, and it ran for a total of 86 episodes across six seasons from 1999 to 2007. Obviously, 86 episodes is certainly a lot, and while most were utterly exceptional, not all of them could be considered the series' best. That's why this list is ranking all the worst Sopranos episodes, which, admittedly, were few and far between.

It's impossible to roll out perfection, each and every week, so there are some episodes of The Sopranos that didn't quite hit the mark. Whether it was due to content, poor direction, a weaker story, or a strange choice for the characters, there are several episodes that hold the lowest ratings on sites like IMDb. Granted, a "bad" episode of The Sopranos is still good television (as evidenced by the fact that even most of the "bad" episodes still have relatively high scores), but while the majority of episodes managed to set the bar rather high, these didn't quite hit the mark.

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    A Hit Is a Hit

    "A Hit is a Hit" follows some of the main characters as they step out of their comfort zones by doing new things. For Tony, it's getting to know his stuffy and annoying white-collar neighbors. For Christopher, it's stepping away from the family business a little to help manage an "up-and-coming" band.

    Why it falls short: For starters, it's a pretty corny episode, which is definitely a faux pas when you're writing a crime drama. All the main characters are stepping out of their element with cringe-worthy results: Tony's trying to hang out with his upper-class yuppie neighbors, and Christopher's stepping out of his comfort zone by helping Adriana become a music producer. As the lowest-rated episode of the first season, it's not an out-right awful episode, but it's definitely the weakest of the bunch.

    • Original Airing: Mar 14 1999
    • Season: The Sopranos Season 1
    • Episode Number: 10
    • Series: The Sopranos
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    Silvio and the rest of Tony's crew get into an argument with the Native Americans who are protesting the local Columbus Day parade. It all comes to a head when Silvio, Patsy, and Artie go behind Tony's back and try to forcefully break the protest up. At the same time, Bobby Baccalieri's wife, Karen, gets into a fatal car accident.

    Why it falls short: "Christopher" presented a strange format for the series, and all it ultimately told the audience was that everyone was a historically ignorant bigot who was unwilling to listen to another side's point of view over a subject that isn't as controversial as the series made it out to be. Silvio, in particular, made a huge deal out of the Columbus Day debacle, when in reality you'd think he'd be too busy or too uninterested to really care. As a result, the episode comes off as a bit too cliche and definitely portrays Tony's crew in a darker light.

    • Original Airing: Sep 29 2002
    • Season: The Sopranos Season 4
    • Episode Number: 3
    • Series: The Sopranos
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  • When Tony meets a woman who was once his father's lover, he ends up connecting with her. The new friendship reveals more about his parents than he may ever have wanted to know before, and as a result, he begins to change his opinion of them, as the new information somewhat messes up how he felt for a long time.

    Why it falls short: The episode was interesting in that it had Tony spend most of his screentime with an older woman, but the revelations make it interesting to most viewers. The subplot for the episode featured Christopher and another addict, in what should have been serious, but in reality, was dark, and, well, slightly humorous.

    • Original Airing: Apr 18 2004
    • Season: The Sopranos Season 5
    • Episode Number: 7
    • Series: The Sopranos
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  • Tony has a lot of problems, as Dr. Melfi can attest, but one of his more serious ones, where his family is concerned, is his gambling addiction. The main plot of "Chasing It" is centered around his gambling addiction, and the fact that it's costing him a ton of cash.

    Why it falls short: While the episode isn't bad, it's not particularly great. Coming to terms with his gambling addiction sets Tony on a downward spiral, where he becomes aggressive and defensive at the same time. The subplot of the episode deals with his messed up relationship with Hesh and the trouble going on with Vito's young son.

    • Original Airing: Apr 29 2007
    • Season: The Sopranos Season 6
    • Episode Number: 16
    • Series: The Sopranos
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