The Worst Sounds To Hear

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Don't add "My Brother," "Nickelback," or any bodily functions. Only universally annoying noises that bother just about everyone.

What is the most annoying sound in the world? While the answer to that question may be somewhat subjective, there are some irritating sounds that almost no one enjoys hearing. From sleeping next to a loud snorer to enduring crying babies on an airplane, there are some noises the average person could simply do without. This list catalogs the absolute worst noises no one wants to hear. 

What noises get under your skin the most? For some, annoying alarm sounds are the worst. Whether you're using your smart phone or an alarm clock, the incessant bleating reminds you sleeping time is unfortunately over. What about nails on a chalkboard, the go-to example of a truly terrible sound? Not to mention, there are plenty of terrible noises humans create themselves, like mouth breathing, slurping, and adult baby talk. 

Vote up the most loathsome noises below and  add any insufferable sounds you think are missing.

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    Chewing With Your Mouth Open

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    Nails On A Chalkboard

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    Smoke Alarm Low Battery Beeps

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    Buzzing (Flies, Mosquitos, Etc.)

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    Morning Alarm