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The Absolute Worst Episodes Of South Park

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Even geniuses have their off days, and while South Park is pretty amazing most of the time, there are several South Park episodes that suck. But which ones are really the worst? After all, one fan’s "Jakovasaurs" is another another's "ManBearPig." 

Sometimes jokes that were edgy or offensive in their time lose their edge or just come off as plain-old homophobic and offensive (rather than South Park offensive). Some of the early seasons fall into this trap as the show's writers hadn't quite found the gold mine of satire that would define the show in later seasons. Creator Trey Parker would like to see the first three seasons disappear altogether. His partner Matt Stone feels differently. He looks back on the early days with nostalgia and fondness. 

Here are a few episodes to ponder and rate. Which South Park episode sucks the most? Vote up your least favorite to share your opinion on the crappiest South Park episodes. 

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    Season 3, Episode 4 

    Nothing good comes from Jar Jar Binks, including this attempt to mock him and his creator. Some fans believe the episode adequately captures the betrayal everyone felt over this craptastic Phantom Menace character. Others believe that the episode fell short of its goal and was just as annoying as Binks. Of course, only Cartman finds him funny - which is the funniest part of the episode and a feeling shared by many of the show's fans. 

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    Season 4, Episode 14

    While many fans think the spin on Great Expectations was brilliant, Parker and Stone thought it sucked. Well, actually they hated the star of the episode. “Everyone, including us, hates Pip,” Parker said. Stone said it's one of the worst episodes they’ve done. “I don't hate it. But it was like, ‘Why did you guys do that?'” Points for getting Malcolm McDowell from the classic A Clockwork Orange to appear as the British Person. And the Genesis Machine makes more sense as Miss Havisham's motivation than the wacko heartbreak revenge angle from the original. But aside from those small positives, the episode as a whole is pretty flat and boring. 

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    Season 10, Episode 5

    Towelie writes a best-selling memoir and it turns out, he made it all up. The episode riffs on James Frey's A Million Little Pieces, a fabrication-filled memoir he hawked on Oprah's show, only to be publicly humiliated after Winfrey learned the truth.

    When Towelie appears on Oprah Winfrey's show, her own resentful vagina and butthole hold her up at at gunpoint because the vagina feels ignored by a workaholic Winfrey. For Trey Parker, the episode failed solely because it featured the wrong characters. “That did not turn out well. I had higher hopes for that. If we were going to have Oprah's butthole and vagina and the gun and everything, it should have been in a show with the boys, not the towel,” he told Entertainment Weekly. Yep, that's the problem, exactly. 

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    Season 2, Episode 1

    There’s a lot of hate for this episode based on the fact that fans were expecting to finally find out who Cartman’s real dad was. What they got was an episode filled with Canadians Terrance and Phillip and their many, many farts. It has a very one-note feeling to it as a result and the fart jokes get old pretty quickly. Matt Stone defended the episode saying, "I love that episode. It’s so f*cking weird, and it's so different, and the fact that nobody else really liked it makes me like it more."

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