The Worst SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes

This in our opinion are the absolute worst Spongebob episode ever made. First three seasons were amazing, fourth season was good, five was pretty bad, six was terrible, seven was terrible, eight was okay and Season 9 is half bad half good. Like the ones you agree with me on this list, dislike the ones you disagree.

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  • A Pal for Gary
    1,020 votes
    January 02, 2010
    This is the most mean-spirited episode i have ever seen. In this episode Spongebob gets a new pet, he calls him Puffy Fluffy and brings him home. It turns out Puffy Fluffy is a monster that wanted to kill Spongebob, Gary saves Spongebob, but what does he get? Spongebob is angry at Gary because Puffy Fluffy run away, WHAT? Gary saved Spongebob from a monster and Spongebob is still angry at him? Why did they have to make this episode? Episode is from the worst Spongebob season, so it wasn't really surprising. Spongebob at his worst.
  • One Coarse Meal
    918 votes
    March 25, 2010
    Mr. Krabs finds out that Plankton is afraid of whales, so he dresses like his daughter and scares Plankton and eventually drives him to kill himself (you know for kids). Plankton then finds out that Mr. Krabs was dressed as his daughter all along, he then stands up and tries to scare Mr. Krabs too....... But Spongebob makes some kind of holographic whales and Plankton runs away. Mr. Krabs got away with all this and yes, this is Mr. Krabs at his worst.
  • Stuck in the Wringer
    719 votes
    This episode sucks. Why are people so mean to SpongeBob, nobody cares that he's stuck. Also, that ending sucking - "I guess crying does solve your problems after all" WHAT?
  • Pet Sitter Pat
    608 votes
    September 16, 2011
    SpongeBob asks Patrick to watch Gary while he is away.
  • Yours, Mine, and Mine
    562 votes
    September 11, 2010
    This episode is terrible. This is one of the most annoying episodes and also an another episode where Patrick is a complete idiot.
  • Plankton steals and wears Sandy's fur in order to convince SpongeBob into telling "Sandy" the Krabby Patty formula. It proves to be a hard task, though. Meanwhile, a nude Sandy searches for her ...more