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What Are the Worst Sports Franchises of All Time?

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Being known as one of the worst sports franchises in history is not an easy pill to swallow. Be that as it may, though, the teams below all have a tough history, rife with injuries, an abundance of losing seasons, poor coaching, and so much more. Whether you're talking the cities with the worst teams or more specifically the worst NFL franchise, some sports teams have just never been able to pull it together and remain a worthy adversary for more than a couple seasons—if any. Though it's difficult to be such a terrible team, every sport needs its losers to let the winners shine and, unfortunately for these franchises, they've long been those losers. So, who do you think are the worst sports teams of all time? 

Blame it on the bad owners; blame it on the coaches—there's a surprising amount of teams that can be considered the worst sports franchises ever. When it comes to bad sports teams, a few quickly come to mind for most: MLB's San Diego Padres, the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL, and basically any Ohio-based team Lebron James never played for. Then you have those teams who haven't been completely horrible, but struggle the majority of the time. These are teams like the Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Clippers, and Cincinnati Bengals. Of course, there are plenty of other teams that fall on the list of worst sports franchises. However, who takes the never-sought-after title of the worst team in sports history? That's up to the fans to decide.

Take a look at the list of teams below and vote up the franchises you think are the absolute worst.