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Stepchildren Describe Their Worst 'Evil Stepparent' Moments

Unless someone is a member of the Brady Bunch, their stepfamily is probably not going to fit in nine tidy boxes filled with smile-y faces. Meshing together families, or giving kids a new parent when they already have another one elsewhere, is bound to be perilous. Many stepmoms and stepdads are wonderful people who treat their stepchildren like their own, and do their best to make a new happy family. And sometimes it's the stepkids who are evil. But the "wicked" stepmother/stepfather cliché does ring true on occasion.

According to people on Reddit who shared tales of their "evil" stepparents, some moms and dads out there would be right at home with Cinderella's stepmother, or even make her look good in comparison. Redditors told stories of wicked stepparents who ignored them, destroyed their belongings, undermined their relationship with their biological parent, showed favoritism toward stepsiblings, and more.

Comfy glass slippers for all of us, please - and a comforting dose of Carol and Mike Brady.