Stepchildren Describe Their Worst 'Evil Stepparent' Moments

Unless someone is a member of the Brady Bunch, their stepfamily is probably not going to fit in nine tidy boxes filled with smile-y faces. Meshing together families, or giving kids a new parent when they already have another one elsewhere, is bound to be perilous. Many stepmoms and stepdads are wonderful people who treat their stepchildren like their own, and do their best to make a new happy family. And sometimes it's the stepkids who are evil. But the "wicked" stepmother/stepfather cliché does ring true on occasion.

According to people on Reddit who shared tales of their "evil" stepparents, some moms and dads out there would be right at home with Cinderella's stepmother, or even make her look good in comparison. Redditors told stories of wicked stepparents who ignored them, destroyed their belongings, undermined their relationship with their biological parent, showed favoritism toward stepsiblings, and more.

Comfy glass slippers for all of us, please - and a comforting dose of Carol and Mike Brady. 

  • Their Stepmother Made Them Hand-Pick Grass Clippings Off The Lawn

    From Redditor /u/AnonymousAdam555:

    [M]y father was engaged to a rich b*tch of a person. She made me dread visiting my dad on the weekends.

    She once made me and my sister hand-pick the grass trimmings off the lawn because the lawnmower had a habit of leaking cut grass everywhere...

  • Their Stepdad Left Them Out Of The Annual Family Vacation

    From Redditor /u/stealthxstar:

    My stepdad is pretty great, but every single summer he and my mom used to go on a vacation to the British Virgin Islands with his daughter and one of her friends or her boyfriend at the time, spending a week in the sun on the beach and boating. I was never invited - not even offered the chance to pay my way...

    To be honest, at the time, I was an angsty annoying teenager who was very "leave me alone I want to live in my room" (but I would have loved going on vacation), so my mom didn't mention it to him. He probably didn't even think about it. But I'm still the tiniest bit salty about it...

  • Their Stepdad Burned Their Book Collection For Firewood

    From Redditor /u/maddydactyl:

    I had the classic evil stepparent growing up. My stepdad came into my life [when I was] age 10, and acted lovely toward me until he and my mum got married, then ignored me completely (literally didn't speak a word to me) until my brother was born, and then it got massively worse.

    I adore my little brother, and my stepdad's views [of] me will never change that, but... once my brother was born, my stepdad basically decided I wasn't worth having in the house.

    He systematically set out to make my life hell. First, he stopped cooking for me, stating that I, at age 14, should buy and cook all my own food, but I wasn't allowed to get a job until I was 17.

    He started throwing my washing out of the washing machine on the floor while halfway through a cycle, then screamed at me for daring to use his washing machine, but told me I was to do all the washing for the whole family as a punishment...

    He banned all my friends from the house and told me I couldn't pursue higher studies (I wanted to do advanced classes in high school due to my high marks, but there were additional costs, and according to my stepdad I wasn't worth the money).

    One time he came into my bedroom while I was at school camp and started using my book collection to start the fireplace. By the time I got home two weeks later my entire collection had been burned by him...

  • Their Stepmom Told Them, 'No One In Our House Loves You'

    From Redditor /u/fishingnomad:

    To preface this, my dad and stepmother had been married for five years prior... and had been having issues in their marriage... When I was around age 11, my stepmother took me to get some ice cream while my dad was working. Right after she bought me my cone, we sat inside, and she said she wanted to talk.

    She looked me coldly in the eyes and said, "I think it's best if you live with your mom full time. No one in our house loves you, and your father and I think you are just a bastard child that sucks all of our money away. You stink, can't do anything for yourself, and above all make your dad always come to your rescue. You are a pathetic waste of life and ruining the love between your father and I."

    And as soon as she said that she walked to her car and left. Needless to say, as an 11-year-old I began to just cry my eyes out...

  • Their Stepmom Canceled Plans For Their 21st Birthday 

    From Redditor /u/asapstocky:

    My stepmum canceled all of my family dinners for my 21st birthday. [She] didn't even wish me a happy birthday on the day.

    A month later when it was her birthday, I didn't acknowledge it. She asked what was up, and I told her why. Her words were, "Get over it; it's just a day."

    My reply was, "Well, I couldn't give a sh*t that you're turning 52; you look 60 anyway."

  • Their Stepdad Deliberately Blew Smoke In Their Face

    From Redditor /u/MustangGuy:

    Not evil, just [a jerk]. He used to blow cigar smoke in my face one summer while I was sleeping.

    [He also] sold my Nintendo system my mom scraped the money together to get me after my dad left us, [and] would deliberately goad me to anger because he thought it was funny...