The All Time Loudest Suits Worn to the NBA Draft

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Vote up the most hideous, ill-advised fashions from the history of the NBA draft.

Every year the NBA Draft sees some of the best young talent in all of basketball make the move to the pros. It's a huge night for these hot talents, but when their jerseys don't make the cut for the dress code, they seem to be at a loss at how to dress well. Many of the best NBA Draft picks wore, let's say, unique outfits. What are the craziest suits ever worn to the NBA Draft? 

Major stars such as Steve Nash and James Harden have really missed the mark when it comes to draft day fashions. Whether it was an ugly tie, an ill-fitting suit, or an "interesting" hat choice (we're looking at you, Samaki Walker), these basketball stars would never land on anyone's best dressed athletes list.

Bright colors, busy patterns, and even a bow-tie or two made draft night memorable for these NBA players, and not just because it was the night their professional careers began. Who had the ugliest suit at the NBA Draft? Cast your votes below.