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Which Summer Vacation Spot Will You Never Go Back To?

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List RulesVote up the summer vacation destinations that were utter disappointments; vote down the ones you'd consider giving another chance.

Summer vacation: It's the anxiously anticipated time of year when people use up all the money and vacation days they've saved in order to escape from reality for a week (or two, if they're lucky). Yet sometimes this escape isn't everything they thought it would be - and sometimes it's downright horrible.

The trouble with vacationing is most of the time people select their dream destination with the help of travel sites, blogs, and good ol' word of mouth, none of which truly lessen the risks inherent in clicking "purchase" on that plane ticket. Will you like it? Will it be everything you expected? Will it be a total waste of time and money?

Sadly, it happens to all of us at some point: the dream vacation gone wrong. The five-star hotel that turns out to be a ruin of its former self. Or the once pristine beach now littered with thousands of tourists' trash.

Here are some of the most popular yet disappointing tourist destinations to grace the pages of travelers' passports and scrapbooks. Vote up the summer vacation destinations that left you longing for the office and vote down those that might just be worth another visit.