13 Times Actors Got Cast As Superheroes And Audiences Said No Thanks

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Not everyone is cut out to save the world, especially when it comes to saving the world as a superhero. Given the popularity of comic book movies, there's bound to be some bad superhero casting along the way, which leads to the inevitable fan blowback. Even the worst superhero casting decisions can bring some joy, whether it's with a campy performance or just a good old-fashioned internet pile-on.

The failures of these superhero performances aren't solely because the actor is bad - that's rarely the case. Sometimes it's just a case of wrong time, wrong place. Pretty much every actor on this list is beloved for roles that don't have anything to do with comic books, but for whatever reason, they just didn't hit with audiences when they stepped into their spandex and started fighting crime. Vote up the actors who couldn't quite cut it as cinematic superheroes.