The Absolute Worst Superhero Costumes Ever

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There have been some pretty terrible costumes over the decades of comic book history, but the weird superhero outfits on this list take the cake for the absolute worst. Do headbands, shoulder pads, and exposed chests make you a better hero? It remains to be determined, but probably not. Which comic superheroes have the ugliest and strangest costumes?

From classic characters, to lesser known heroes, this list covers all the worst costumes in comics history. Luckily, a few of these characters have been made over (some even have the best alternate comic costumes ever), but a few of them got the axe before they were able to get a makeover. Fortunately for fans, tributes their terrible costumes have been immortalized here.

Do your favorite heroes have wild costumes? Click through the list below and vote up the worst and weirdest hero fashion faux-pas.