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The Worst Haircuts Ever Sported by Superheroes 

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Though superheroes have come a long way, it's fun and often jarring to look back and see what things were like back in the day, hair and all. And sometimes the biggest superheroes make the biggest mistakes from the ears up. From Teen Titans to Justice League, X-Men to Inhumans, comic books have showcased some of the worst haircuts imagined by the creators of our modern mythology.

We've gone ahead called out some of the best of the worst superhero haircuts. Because if there is one arm of the law Wolverine or Starfire can't avoid, it's the hairstyle police.

So which superheroes made our hair hall of shame? Find out below and vote on your favorite hero hair mistakes!

Shatterstar Can't Decide Between Braids Or A Bob
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Nightwing's Danger In The Front, Party In The Back
Nightwing's Danger In Th... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Worst Haircuts Ever Sported by Superheroes
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