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The 17 Worst Superhero Movie Visual Effects Ever Produced

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Bad visual effects in superhero movies are nothing new; if anything, they symbolize a proud tradition of lousy effects in superhero movies dating back to even the best films. Superman (1978) may be a classic, but many of its effects are anything but; even still, it’s considered one of the best superhero movies. When a superhero film cuts corners and/or lacks self awareness, it runs the risk of reducing your heroes to zeroes. The worst special effects usually go hand-in-hand with lousy set design, unfortunate direction, and actors chewing scenes like it was there last meal.  It all comes together to make a perfect storm of awful.

From ridiculous scene extensions to CGI characters that might as well be Sims, the list below features the worst visual effects you’ll see in superhero films. Some of these get a little obscure, meaning it’s a safe bet you haven’t ventured to watch them (seriously, how many of you have watched Supergirl?). But if you have and want to relive the pain, check out the clips below. 

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    Steel's Rubber Suit

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    Logan's Floating Claws In 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'

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    Parallax - The CGI Poop Monster In 'Green Lantern'

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    The Inexplicably Skull-less Red Skull In The 1990 Captain America Movie

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