The Worst Superhero Movies Ever Made

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What are the worst superhero movies ever made? This list includes some of the most horrible attempts to bring to life favorite superheroes on the big screen. For that matter, many of the bad superhero movies listed here are without a doubt among the worst movies of all time, period. Disagree? Totally fine, just vote down the films you actually liked. Also,you can rerank these horrible superhero movies in any order you want.

The worst superhero movies have you leaving the theater scratching your head, wondering why, WHY Hollywood got it so wrong. Can anyone argue that the Fantastic Four movies should have been way better than they were (they were awful, just dreadful)? Sure, sometimes Hollywood gets it right, as evidenced by this list of the best superhero movies ever made, but for every great superhero film, there are a slew of equally horrible ones.

Any list of truly awful superhero movies should include two of the worst offenders: Catwoman and Batman & Robin. Even with Halle Berry poured into a skin-tight, leather outfit, the movie still sucked. And Batman & Robin might have had some George Clooney action going on, but even the mighty Clooney couldn't save this train wreck of a film. It is remembered as one of the worst comic book movies of all time.

You'll notice some oldies listed among these top 10+ awful superhero movies, too, and be warned: In some cases, you've likely forgotten all about these bad films. It's a self-preservation thing. You just want to erase these movies from your mind and forget that they ever happened. Apologies for the trauma.

Oh, and let's discuss horrible sequels and reboots: For whatever reason, some of the suckiest superhero movies ever made also have sequels, or someone decides to reboot them because they weren't bad enough to begin with. Yeah, some of these films are definitely among the worst movie sequels of all time.

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