The Worst Superhero Performances In Comic Book Movies

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Martin Scorsese started some internet drama in 2019 when he said comic book movies are "not cinema." While Scorsese later clarified his point, comic book movies can require a fair bit of heavy lifting. Actors not only need to perform the emotions of the scene but also sell an entire fantastical reality. Sometimes, they're pulling double-duty as superhero and alter ego. So much of what makes a comic book movie come alive is being able to suspend belief and buy into the idea that superpowers, magic, and wildly advanced science are real. While CGI and special effects help build the world itself, much of the impact hinges on the actors' performances. Sadly, those are not the actors on this list. This list pulls together some of the worst performances of actors playing superheroes. 

Superheroes are like people, only better. While they're given superhuman intellect, energy, magical ability, or advanced technology, so much of the job is about being larger-than-life. There's a certain gravitas it takes to sell a superhero to an audience. Granted, some poor performances boil down to improper casting or issues with the story or production. But these performances are from actors who played not-so-super-heroes. Like with subpar villains, these performances can send comic book properties to production purgatory.

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