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The 12 Worst Superhero Video Games Ever Inflicted Upon Mankind 

Robert Carnevale
Updated October 13, 2018 789 votes 240 voters 12.3k views 12 items

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Superheroes and video games should go together like America and apple pie. Yet, oddly, superhero games tend to be some of the worst in the medium. Heroes like Iron Man or Spider-Man should be at the forefront of the greatest frenetic, high-octane gameplay ever developed. Instead, most superheroes fail to land video games that stand the test of time - or even stand up against their ephemeral opposition on store shelves at launch. 

While there have been brief glimmers of hope for the superhero game genre, they're mostly exclusive to Warner Bros. releases, such as the best Batman video games. This translates to a lot of industry failures carrying the faces of the world's favorite superheroes. Check out this list of absolutely terrible superhero video games and vote up the ones you feel are the biggest insult to fans. 

Superman 64 Is A Failure In Every Way
Superman 64 Is A Failure... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The 12 Worst Superhero Video Games Ever Inflicted Upon Mankind
Photo:  Titus Software

What makes Superman 64 such a universally panned game, often known as one of the worst products in the industry's history? Well, it could be the fact that the controls are awful and neglect to move a bizarrely super-slow Superman in the direction the player dictates. Or it could be the paleolithic graphics that are so rudimentary, one can count the pixels used to create the game's world. Maybe it's the painfully limited soundtrack that loops the same tunes every other minute across hours of gameplay. More likely, it's all of these things and the bevy of other major issues that plague Superman's most infamous video game outing.

Catwoman is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The 12 Worst Superhero Video Games Ever Inflicted Upon Mankind
Photo:  EA

The majority of this game's development time and budget went into replicating Halle Berry's latex-laden Catwoman body, and it shows. When the camera stays glued to her beautifully rendered hips and robs you of the ability to see what you're doing, you're instantly reminded that: one, Halle Berry is an attractive woman; and two, the game is a mess. When you see Halle Berry/Catwoman gracefully flick her whip and fail to hit any nearby enemies, you simultaneously appreciate her sexy animations and loathe the game's awful hit detection. And when you finally turn off the game to reflect on your poor purchase-making skills, you're reminded that an attractive female lead doesn't make up for an awkwardly bad movie or uninspired game of the same name.

Aquaman: Battle for Atla... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The 12 Worst Superhero Video Games Ever Inflicted Upon Mankind
Photo:  Lucky Chicken Games

In this riveting third-person adventure title, the king of Atlantis spends the majority of his time defusing bombs underwater. And that means, by extension, you do, too. Slippery controls (no fish jokes, please), a finicky camera, and some of the most boring game design ever conceived come together to create an experience so devoid of fun that it only looks good when held up against the likes of Superman 64. For a character that's already desperate for street cred, games like this do Aquaman no favors.

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Iron Man 2 is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The 12 Worst Superhero Video Games Ever Inflicted Upon Mankind
Photo:  SEGA

While the first Iron Man movie tie-in was nothing more than a mildly fun experiment of a game, the sequel opted to be an outright failure. Featuring nothing but a campaign that clocked in at under four hours while retailing for a full $60 price tag, the lack of content was only one of Iron Man 2's many problems. Repetitive gameplay, bad voice acting, and a story that amounted to little more than background noise sank an already conceptually average product.