Total Nerd The 12 Worst Superhero Video Games Ever Inflicted Upon Mankind  

Robert Carnevale
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Superheroes and video games should go together like America and apple pie. Yet, oddly, superhero games tend to be some of the worst in the medium. Heroes like Iron Man or Spider-Man should be at the forefront of the greatest frenetic, high-octane gameplay ever developed. Instead, most superheroes fail to land video games that stand the test of time - or even stand up against their ephemeral opposition on store shelves at launch. 

While there have been brief glimmers of hope for the superhero game genre, they're mostly exclusive to Warner Bros. releases, such as the best Batman video games. This translates to a lot of industry failures carrying the faces of the world's favorite superheroes. Check out this list of absolutely terrible superhero video games and vote up the ones you feel are the biggest insult to fans. 

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X-Men: Destiny Fails To Deliver On Mutant Potential, Giving Fans A Terrible Story And Horrendous Graphics

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Shoddy graphics, shallow beat-'em-up action, and a nonexistent story turned what could've been a knockout game into a barely serviceable appeasement title for fans of the X-Men franchise. Putting you in the shoes of a new mutant, the game bounces you between A-list X-Men cameos while your generic mutant-of-the-week character neglects to adopt a shred of agency for the entirety of the game, resulting in a weightless plot facilitated solely by equally empty gameplay. The real sadness is derived from the limitless potential Destiny had: the developers, Silicon Knights, were given a blank slate to do anything within the X-Men universe and this was the best they could produce. 

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Avengers (Gameloft Mobile Version) Is A Lackluster Side-Scroller

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Side-scrolling brawling is abundant in Avengers: The Mobile Game. However, the genre's retro appeal is for naught, given that the end product is a short, stale retreading of a game style best left in the '90s where it belongs. Featuring all the sprite-based action you can handle, combat is relegated to a single button and doesn't vary whatsoever between the four playable characters (Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor). It's mindless button mashing at best, mobile drivel at worst. 

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While the first Iron Man movie tie-in was nothing more than a mildly fun experiment of a game, the sequel opted to be an outright failure. Featuring nothing but a campaign that clocked in at under four hours while retailing for a full $60 price tag, the lack of content was only one of Iron Man 2's many problems. Repetitive gameplay, bad voice acting, and a story that amounted to little more than background noise sank an already conceptually average product.

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Thor: God Of Thunder Is Just Repetitive Shovelware

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Busting out the same three combos to punch generic ice monsters for eight hours might be a great way to cure insomnia, but it's hardly a recipe for a great video game. While the story and production values of Thor: God of Thunder are solid enough, downright boring beat-'em-up action prevents the title from achieving its primary goal of being fun.