What Would Be The Worst Superpower For You To Have, Based On Your Zodiac?

Everybody wants to have a superpower, but picking just one would be pretty tough. For some, the idea of shape-shifting is appealing, while for others something like super intelligence seems ideal. However, according to the stars, there are is definitely a superpower you wouldn't want based on your zodiac sign

While the best superpower for each sign plays into each persona's strengths, the worst superpowers for each member of the zodiac act like a personal form of Kryptonite. These superpowers minimize innate talents and can be nothing short of frustrating. You may think you want a certain super-ability, but it may not mesh well with your zodiac's disposition. For example, a fiery Scorpio may think the idea of being able to fling fire is amazing, but in reality, it would not serve them well.

People don't really have a choice when it comes to choosing their super abilities, but if they did, these are the superpowers each sign should avoid. 

  • You might think you want the ability to foresee the future, but the power wouldn't be a gift to all. For the independent Aries, precognition would be quite the curse. This Fire sign is all about courage and leadership, and it's not very brave to go into battle – or that intimidating board meeting – when you already know the outcome. 

    Of course, if an Aries knows the battle will be lost, they'll look like a coward for not wanting to fight. Better to not know and forge ahead bravely!

  • The easygoing Taurus likes nothing better than a long, philosophical discussion or enjoying every moment of a rich meal. What a waste super speed would be on the bull! It's hard to stop and smell the roses when you're zipping along at a zillion miles per hour – you can't even see the roses! Taureans are notorious for moving slowly (but deliberately), and super speed would be more of a bane than a blessing for the Earth sign.

  • Ah, the ever-changing Gemini! Wouldn't it be great if they could travel in time and make just a little adjustment? Probably not. Time travel would be just a little too seductive for the sign that thrives on change. A Gemini would change something once – for the better – and then think maybe if they go back one more time, it will be even more amazing. They would do this again. And again. And again. 

    How long before the butterfly effect dooms the entire universe as we know it? Let's just stay in the present, Gemini, and hold the space-time continuum together.

  • Ever really wanted to know what someone was thinking? While many would kill for the ability, the reality of it may be too harsh for some to handle. This is the case for the easily hurt Cancer, for whom mind reading would be the worst of superpowers. What would it be like to know every white lie or every snide thought someone had about you?

    If the crab could read everyone's minds, they would likely spend a whole lot of time curled up in the fetal position.

  • The proud Leo loves to be the center of attention, and invisibility would be a completely wasted power on the lion. It's hard to imagine a time any Leo would want to be invisible. The big-hearted Leo likes to make their presence known, and great leaders tend to be, well, visible. It's not that invisibility would actually do any harm; it just wouldn't be used very often.

  • While most of us would like to be able to convince our dogs to "go" outside a little more easily, Virgos would find animal manipulation incredibly frustrating. One of the more intellectual signs, Virgos love analysis and thoughtful conversation. While a chat with Fido might be enjoyable for a small amount of time, Virgo would likely want to move on to more weighty matters.

    Virgos will do better by sticking with humans and leaving the animals to talk among themselves.