15 People Share Their Worst Surprise Party Stories To Prepare You For The Worst

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It doesn't matter if you like surprises or not. There's always a chance that a surprise party will go south. These terrible surprise party stories aim to make sure you don't repeat any of these surprise party disasters.

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    He Reacted To The Surprise By Punching Someone In The Face

    From Redditor u/Captainhowarth:

    My friend got back from deployment, it was my job to take him out and keep him away whilst they prepare his house. When we arrive everyone jumps out, friend reacts automatically punching someone in the face and throwing himself out of the door at the same time. Two chipped teeth and a sprained wrist.

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    They Showed Up Very Late And Everyone Was Already Drunk

    From Redditor u/jasunshine:

    My friends, family, and coworkers planned a surprise birthday party for me at my house. In order to give everyone time to get there and get set up, my coworkers had my boss ask me to stay late at work "because we might have an emergency project to do tonight".

    So 5 pm rolls around and everyone heads home (really, to my house). I sit around. 6 pm... 7 pm... Finally, text the boss that I'm headed out unless she really needs me to stay. Turns out she was supposed to have me go home at 5:30 "because the project didn't pan out". Since I figure my evening is lost anyway, I head to the grocery store, pick up the dry cleaning, drop off the recycling, etc.

    I walked in my door around 8:45-9 pm to find all my friends family and coworkers drunk in my house! They were all a bit too in their cups to muster a coordinated "surprise!", but I figured it out.

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    He Accused His Wife Of Cheating Right After Being Surprised 

    From Redditor u/PlayWithFingers:

    When I was a DJ, there was a time when the wife planned a 45th surprise birthday party for her husband (rented a banquet hall, a lot of food, maybe about 150 people). The husband walked in, people yelled surprise and he got this shocked look on his face and went off on his wife accusing her of cheating and so on: "IF YOU CAN HOLD THIS A SECRET FROM ME THEN WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE you're DOING BEHIND MY BACK...". A big commotion after that, I packed up and left, no party.

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    They Thought They Were Spending The Evening With Their Wife

    From Redditor u/wordsmif:

    Went out for a romantic dinner with the then-wife. She was being unusually flirty. Says she couldn't wait to get back home, etc.

    So, arrive back home. She tells me to meet in the basement where we have our entertainment room and tv while she changes into something for the evening.

    Go down the stairs, start taking off my pants.

    Surprise!!!! About 30 friends in the basement for an early surprise b-day party.

    I fell backward on the stairs, could feel my heart racing.

    Would rather have had the intended evening's activities.

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    The Organizer Created A Facebook Invite... To The Guest Of Honor

    From a former Redditor

    I have a relevant story! My friends planned a surprise party for me. They sent out a Facebook invite with specific instructions for everybody to bring funny hats and surprise me at this local bar. Then one of them accidentally invited me to the Facebook event. 

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    They Don't Like Surprises And Didn't Know How To React

    From Redditor u/snowflakemaster:

    I don't like surprises, and my sister and bro-in-law took me out to distract me while my family set up a surprise back home. I had no idea and was just having a wonderful day. When we arrived home everything looked normal because my family parked their cars a block away. My family jumped out from behind the furniture yelling "Surprise!". It scared the sh*t out of me, and I just stood there with a blank face staring at everyone and walked awkwardly away down the hall to my bedroom. I still feel like an idiot to this day thinking about it.

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