Tattoo Artists Share Stories Of Their All-Time Worst Customers

There are bad customers, and then there are bad tattoo customers. While dealing with a difficult client is one thing, dealing with lousy customers while you're trying to put permanent ink on their body creates a whole new, potentially life-ruining problem. And that's exactly what these tattoo artists horror stories from Reddit get into - the trials and tribulations of those who work in ink and all its terrible trends.

Not only do they see all sorts of different people and personalities, artists must get up close and personal with customers and the bad tattoos they want on their body forever. Each of these tattoo artists' stories of their worst customer encounters get very extra - from bodily fluids to screaming to requests for penis maintenance, it's all there. And the very worst tattoo parlor customers have a little of everything.

Although it makes sense people may get nervous and not be their best when getting a tattoo - especially if it's their first time - these stories highlight the importance of understanding what you're getting into, and what's getting put on you... and it's always good to remember that tattoo artists make mistakes too.