15 Terrible Tattoos You Shouldn't Get, According To The Tattoo Artists That Did Them

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Tattoo artists: vote up the worst tattoos you wouldn't want to give someone.

Not all tattoos have to be deeply meaningful, but according to these tattoo artists, there are still some you should never get. Some ideas are just overdone, others are big red flags, and these bad tattoo ideas are just straight up terrible. If you're curious about the opinions of tattoo artists, keep reading to learn what tattoos you shouldn't get.

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    A Copy Of A Tattoo That Was Already Covered Up

    From Redditor u/100Dachshunds:

    A lady came in wanting her ex-husband's name covered. No problem, it was small, we covered it up with the silhouette of a running horse. Couple months later she's back - she and her ex-husband had gotten back together, so she wanted the name added back in. I convinced her to do it small, which was fortunate, as a couple months later, she was back and we had to cover the name AGAIN - this time with a field of flowers for the horse to be running over. I haven't seen her since.

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    A Fake Date Of Birth In Roman Numerals 

    From Redditor u/UnclePepperpoty:

    A guy got a tattoo of Roman numerals with his date of birth running down his forearm.

    The problem is he wasn't old enough to get one at the time, so [he] lied on the form he had to fill out, and as a result, he now has a tattoo with the WRONG date of birth on his arm!!

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    The Name Of Someone You Cheated On

    From Redditor u/Grimzkhul:

    I do custom script. [T]here's this couple that comes in, trashy tattoos, etc. She tells me that he's going away to prison in a few weeks and he wants to get her name and she'll get his name right after. I insist this isn't the best idea, try to convince them otherwise, they don't listen.

    So I do it because rent doesn't pay itself. He goes first. After getting her name tattooed across his stomach she spits in his face, says: "Now you understand how it felt when you slept with [insert name here], you thought I'd never find out you piece of sh*t?!" And then stormed out the shop, never getting her tattoo.

    Now I'm not a 100% sure here because I'm not very good with these things, but I think they had problems...

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    'Property Of [Name]'

    From Redditor u/Noservant:

    One was on a biker girl that got "Property of (guy's name)" on her lower back. Talking huge though, literally half her back... Might as well get it done right and might as well be the one that makes the money. Apparently, she and the guy had only been dating for two months, and she had just had a baby with another guy. Even asked her when the guy went outside to smoke if she was sure, and that she could back out if she wanted to and made sure she wasn't getting pressured into it. She was just genuinely down, absolutely stoked to get that tattoo. Hope they're still together 'cause there's no way that giant tattoo is getting covered.

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    An Intentionally Misspelled Word

    From Redditor u/oooooooooof:

    Not me, but a friend.

    Customer came in, had designed his own tattoo art. It was the word "discipline," in massive Gothic letters, which he wanted across his chest. Except it was spelled wrong.

    Tattoo artist explained it was spelled wrong; offered to redesign. Buddy would NOT budge. Tattoo artist insisted it was spelled wrong; buddy said he didn't care, he had to have the design he'd come in with. After much back and forth, and the artist insisting that he wouldn't tattoo it, the artist finally relented, [and] made the customer sign a waiver (saying that he was aware of the spelling error, but wanted it anyway).

    Anyway, somewhere there's a guy walking around with DICIPLINE on his chest.

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    A Tattoo That's Purposefully Hard To Make Out

    From Redditor u/iamasecretthrowaway:

    I designed plenty of bad ideas, but there was this one guy who started out with a seemingly normal idea that spiraled into wtf. He asked for "a raven with Celtic knotwork." Pretty normal; did some sketches. No, he decided he wanted a crow trapped behind Celtic knotwork. Okay, did the best I could with that. No, he didn't want you to be easily able to determine what was going on. He was very, very determined and could not be swayed. I started designing things for him by saying, "What's the worst, most awful way to do this?" And that would invariably be the thing he loved.

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