The Worst Teen Titans Members Ever
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The Worst Teen Titans Members Ever

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The Teen Titans have been a fixture of DC Comics since the team first appeared back in 1964's The Brave and the Bold #54. While the team has featured some of the DC Universe's greatest young superheroes, the roster has been filled with several characters who don't match up in skill or power-level when compared to the likes of Kid Flash, Robin, and others.

Some of the worst Teen Titan characters aren't necessarily the weakest characters in the DC Universe, but there are plenty who are lame in comparison to some of the more prominent members. These 12 members of the Teen Titans are not necessarily terrible superheroes, but compared to the best the team has employed, they don't match up in the least.

Check out these 12 bad Teen Titans characters who have been featured members of the team at one time or another in the past 60 years, and don't forget to vote up the characters you think are the worst of them all!

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    Real names: Celine Patterson

    First appearance: Teen Titans Vol 4 #2, 2011

    Skitter joined up with the Teen Titans when Tim Drake put together a team back in 2011. She has the ability to transform herself into an insectoid creature, which gives her superhuman strength, and she can shoot webs.

    Skitter joined the team, but she didn't remain with the Teen Titans for very long. Her transformation is pretty useful, but she can only trigger the power when she's sleeping. Essentially, she doesn't have control over the ability, which triggers after she enters a gestational period, which includes a cocoon.

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  • Roundhouse
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    Real names: William Bartholomew "Billy" Wu

    First appearance: Teen Titans Special #1, 2018

    William "Billy" Wu, otherwise known as Roundhouse, is one of the newest members of Damian Wayne's Teen Titans team, and there isn't a lot known about him. He's basically the team's version of Beast Boy when it comes to his attitude, but his powers are much different.

    Roundhouse has the ability to contort himself into a ball, which gives him superhuman speed and strength as well as durability. He can then smash into objects or enemies and deal significant amounts of damage. Basically, he's the Teen Titans version of a pinball.

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  • Power Girl
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    Real names: Tanya Spears

    First appearance: Worlds' Finest #23, 2014

    Tanya Spears is the second superhero to take on the name Power Girl. The first, Kara Zor-L, was from Earth-2, but when she left to return to her Earth, Tanya acquired superpowers and didn't know why. What's more, she had no idea how to control them, which is how she came to join the Teen Titans.

    Tanya joined the Teen Titans to help her learn to control her superpowers. This happened when Tim Drake was putting together a team back in 2011. She was with the team until it disbanded, but she has since disappeared, and hasn't been seen in quite some time.

  • Phantasm
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    Real names: Danny Chase

    First appearance: New Teen Titans Annual Vol 2 #3, 1987

    Phantasm is the grandson of a man who was exposed to intense radiation, which spread through the genes until it hit Danny, making him into a metahuman when he was born. He was born with the ability to move objects with his mind, and his parents trained them in their chosen field, which was espionage.

    Phantasm met up with the Teen Titans when the team helped to save his parents, and as a result, he joined the team. The problem with Phantasm was that he considered everyone else on the team to be beneath him. Basically, he wasn't a team player, and this created a plethora of problems. Ultimately, he redeemed himself by sacrificing his life to free Raven from possession.

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  • Steel
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    Real names: Natasha Jasmine Irons

    First appearance: Steel Vol 2 #1, 1994

    Back when Superman "died" fighting Doomsday, several people rose up to fill the gap, one of whom was John Henry Irons, aka Steel. He fought the bad guys for a while, but after he was sidelined with an injury, his niece Natasha took up the mantle of Steel in his place. She fought crime, and went on to join up with the Teen Titans.

    Interestingly, Natasha didn't join up with the Teen Titans when she took up her uncle's mantle. She came onto the team when she picked up some superpowers via Lex Luthor. She's pretty arrogant, and believes she is better than the other members of her team, which makes her difficult to work with.

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  • Red Arrow
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    Red Arrow

    Real names: Emiko Queen

    First appearance: The New 52: Futures End #10, 2014

    DC Comics have featured numerous characters who go by the name "Red Arrow," but the one that joined up with the Teen Titans who belongs on this list is Emiko Queen. Emiko is the Red Arrow of the current DC Comics continuity having first appeared in Green Arrow Vol. 5 #18.

    Queen joined up with the Teen Titans when Damien Wayne put together his team. When this happened, she and he became something of an item. Queen has incredibly archery and combat skills like her brother, but she wasn't raised by Robert Queen. She was raised by an assassin, and didn't know who her father was.

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