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The Worst Episodes Of 'The Office'

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For nine seasons, The Office had viewers laughing at the antics of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Scranton branch employees. Even the best sitcoms of all time have an off week, and this list is all about the worst episodes of The Office. Maybe you think “Phyllis’ Wedding” is the worst episode of The Office - or perhaps you always have to skip The Office mafia episode.

From Pam's weird relationship with Brian the cameraman to Michael’s most cringeworthy moments, the worst Office episodes often forego laughs for drama. The Office “Did I Stutter?” episode is so uncomfortable, it loses a lot of the show’s usual heart. Some of the worst The Office episodes are just plain bad – like when Andy drives down to Florida in “Get the Girl” – but others aren't so much terrible as they are forgettable.

No matter how much you love The Office, there must be some individual episodes you don't like, such as The Office “The Banker” episode or The Office “Chair Model” episode. Vote the worst episodes of The Office up to the top of this list so other fans know which ones to skip.

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    If you are among the .0001 percent of Office fans who were clamoring for an episode with stories led by Andy and Nellie, "Get the Girl" is for you. For everyone else, the episode spends way too much time on two of the show's most uneven characters. Plot one finds Andy leaving Scranton to declare his love for Erin, who is now working for an elderly woman in Florida. It is awkward and a little creepy, especially since Andy is still dating Jessica at the time. Plot two involved Nellie taking over as acting manager in Andy's absence, and she decides to hold performance reviews even though she doesn't know anyone.

    Most uncomfortable moment: When Andy jumps out of a box, singing, "Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours!" but finds that Erin is not excited to see him. She also does not want to return to Dunder Mifflin, at least initially. 

    Original Airing: March 15, 2012

    Season: 8

    Episode Number: 19

    Director: Rainn Wilson

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      The cold open of "Here Comes Treble" is gold, but it goes downhill from there. Most of the episode is about Andy's delusions of grandeur regarding his college a cappella group. Erin has to calm him down after Broccoli Rob (Stephen Colbert) upstages him in front of the current Here Comes Treble members, who were visiting the office. There is also a Dwight and Nellie subplot that is pretty offensive, to be honest. Dwight goes on the hunt for a "deranged" person in the office, after he finds one of Nellie's pills to treat her anxiety disorder. 

      Most uncomfortable moment: Andy basically arguing with a TV, when he fights with Broccoli Rob on webcam about their college days. Erin finally has to pull the monitor's plug just to get it to stop.

      • Original Airing: October 25, 2012
      • Season: 9
      • Episode Number: 5
      • Series: The Office
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      "The Banker" is one of the most skippable episodes of The Office, as it is a glorified clip show. The plot focuses on a banker's visit to Scranton in order to check on discrepancies at Dunder Mifflin. Dwight tries to impersonate Toby, but he ultimately returns to answer the banker's questions about conflicts, romances, and prejudices among the staff. Unless you were looking for a series refresher, this one is pretty easy to skip over. 

      Most uncomfortable moment: Toby's talking head about how he doesn't know what to say to the banker, because he doesn't want to lie... or tell the truth.

      • Original Airing: January 21, 2010
      • Season: 6
      • Episode Number: 14
      • Series: The Office
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      The show is called The Office, so it's always risky when an episode is set outside of Dunder Mifflin. This episode finds Andy hosting an office field trip to historic Gettysburg to somehow compare selling paper to fighting in the Civil War. This trip is so unappealing, half the staff stayed back at the office where Robert California stops by to hear new ideas to help the company. Somehow, Kevin impresses him the most in a lackluster storyline about cookie placement in the vending machine.

      The episode featured one silver lining, as Gabe was mistaken for an Abraham Lincoln impersonator while at Gettysburg, but for the most part, the storylines were uninspired, boring, and predictable.

      Most uncomfortable moment: Following a montage of false alarms, Pam is once again revealed to have faked her water breaking in an attempt to get out of something in the office. The scene makes Pam and Jim – two of the series' most beloved characters – seem like selfish jerks.

      • Original Airing: November 17, 2011
      • Season: 8
      • Episode Number: 8
      • Series: The Office
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