Ranker Readers Share The Worst Things That Happened To Them At Work

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The holiday season is over, we are starting a new year, and we are entering that loop in which we often complain about work despite being grateful for having a job. In loops, things are supposed to repeat themselves over and over again in the same way, but despite the monotony, little things can happen on a business day that make it a good day or a very, very bad one. Some of our readers told us about the bad things that happened at work that made their day terrible. Check out their horrible work stories – we are sure that you are going to feel for them as much as we do. 

Comments have been edited for length and clarity.

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    Their Wallet Was Taken

    From Facebook commenter Ellen M:

    My wallet was taken at work and it had a handwritten note from my dad in it. Irreplaceable, as he had already passed.

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    A Bag Shattered In Their Face

    From Facebook commenter Jen K:

    A colostomy bag shattered in my face while I was changing it.

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    Chopped Fingers

    From Facebook commenter Candice O:

    Watching my co-worker stick her fingers in a food chopper instead of using the plunger. Took off the top of 3 fingers. They found them in with the sliced mushrooms.

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    Someone Threw A Burger In Their Face

    From Facebook commenter Heather S:

    I had a burger thrown in my face because it had onions on it. The customer had not asked to omit the onions. I would know, I took their order.

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    One Terrible Day

    From Facebook commenter Christopher S:

    Hmmm, World Trade Center. I lost 640,000 one day. My money. Spike went all the way thru my foot.

  • When A Toddler Throws Up On You
    Photo: Kalel Tonatiuh / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0
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    When A Toddler Throws Up On You

    From Facebook commenter Jocelyn W:

    I worked at a daycare and I was watching the toddlers that day. One threw up while I was holding her and then 3 [others] in our class immediately threw up because they saw her throw up.