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What Are The Worst Things To Run Out Of While Quarantined?

30 Mar 2020 5.8k votes 233 voters 2.0k views41 items

Now that many of us are only doing weekly shops and the supply lines are still struggling with some items, people are running out of things at home they never expected to. From the staples you never stocked up on to the little things you can't believe you've run out of, these are the items that would make life harder to live without. Vote up the worst things to run out of while you're stuck at home during the quarantine.

Yes, a wine run is probably classed as non-essential travel but also, you need it. Even generally necessary things like diapers and medication can be difficult to get when you run out because they're not on the shelves, or the stores have closed early. New habits and hobbies that have developed from Stay-In-Place and Safer At Home orders mean that baking supplies like yeast are as hard to find as toilet paper. So, if you didn't stock up early, you're out of luck.

What would be the worst thing to run out of? Vote up the stuff you hope you have enough of, now that you're stuck at your house and can't just run to the store.

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