The 20 Worst Things About Being A Bartender

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If you need a job that brings in some quick cash on a weekly basis, bartending is a great choice. But there are some downsides to being a bartender that can make loving every second of your job nearly impossible. After all, it is not every job that the majority of people you have to deal with are consuming copious amounts of alcohol and, therefore, making clear, concise communication rather difficult. 

While not all nights are bad, there are a number of things that most bartenders, or anyone who has worked in the hospitality industry for that matter, can relate to. If you don't tend bar, it will probably be useful for you to keep these things in mind, so you know how to NOT behave if you want to get on the staff's good side next time you are out on the weekend.

Below are some of the worst things about bartending and bartender horror stories. Which do you hate the most?

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    People Reaching Over The Bar To Get Something

    This is not a free for all! I don't come into your office and help myself to your paperclips, do I?!
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    People Snapping At You/Waving Money

    I know how to do my job. I see you standing there, and I know you have been patiently waiting for a few minutes, but snapping at me like I am an animal or waving money at me like you are the only one in here willing to pay for your drinks isn't going to entice me to get to you any sooner.
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    Dealing With Incoherent People

    No matter what your profession is, you are bound to deal with an unhappy customer from time to time. It is just a part of life. But these unhappy customers are a lot harder to deal with when they are eight drinks deep.
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    Friends Expecting Free Drinks

    Of course it's okay to slip them a beer here and there. But for them to expect you to do it on a regular basis is pretty unfair. Your boss wasn't born yesterday. And, even if he or she was oblivious to your generous ways, you're there to make money!
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    People Trying To Stay After Last Call

    While it is great that your customers are having SO much fun enjoying the BEST NIGHT EVER, all good things must come to an end. And you have been working for 12 straight hours and really need them to leave so you can close the bar and go to bed.
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    Trying To Reason With Sloppy People

    One of the worst things about bartending is that you, obviously, have to deal with a lot of intoxicated people. This job would be a lot easier if people knew their limits.
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