The Absolute Worst Things About Being a Barista  

Jordan Bates
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Most of us have been to a Starbucks or other coffee shop chain at one point in our lives. Some of us have worked there and lived to tell the tale. Sure, being a barista has its perks (no horrible, horrible, caffeine-based pun intended) but that isn't what this list is about. This is a list of truly the worst things about being a barista. What do you think? What is the worst thing about working as a barista? Vote your picks up to the top!

It doesn't matter if you work at one of the best coffee shop chains, your job is still just the worst. From fake friend customers to cleaning the bathroom, these are the worst parts of this terrible job. Maybe some of those Starbucks cup spelling fails weren't exactly unintentional...?
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They're gross. They're sticky. They take thirteen hours to make. Generally, you'll get at least fourteen of them coming your way at a time from whatever frantic adult has been charged with watching some nondescript youth group for the afternoon.

The grotesque amounts of sugar should help the situation.

Also, there's this week every year where they do two hours of BOGO on Frappuccinos called "Frappy Hour." You will lose your religion.

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The Perfect Beverage Promise

As a barista at Starbucks you must take an oath to make every beverage "perfect" for every customer or you must remake it on the spot.

In theory, this is a great idea. So is Communism.

You should get what you ordered. It should taste good. Unfortunately, people are monsters. You'll be remaking that extra-dry cappuccino for most of your shift.
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That Awkward Moment...When You Don't Have Coffee

You will run out of coffee due to someone's incompetence. Possibly yours. (Probably yours.)

When this happens, you will have to look people in the face, at a Starbucks, and tell them that you are out of coffee. There's nothing you can do about it. All you can do is watch it brew.

Congratulations! It's now your fault and you've just become Saddam Hussein in the eyes of every customer in the store. And also an idiot. You are now an idiot Saddam Hussein in an apron. Have fun!
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The Hours

When you get an opening shift, you have to be at the store at 4, or 4:30 am. When you close, you're there until about 1 am (if you work at a busy store).

Hope you don't get a "clopen", where you have a closing shift immediately followed by an opening shift. will. 
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