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What Do You Hate About Shopping For Makeup?  

Lowe Saddler
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Just because you love all-glitter everything, adorable mini-sized beauty products, and the thrill of hearing someone tell you that your eyebrows are absolute perfection, doesn't mean you love actually going into the store and buying makeup. It can be a messy affair; that nice white top you were wearing is most definitely going to wind up smeared with something without your knowledge. There's also no guarantee that the store will even have your coveted item in stock (Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation, you've been put on blast). 

Even though swatching is necessary (and honestly cathartic), we should all probably just do our cosmetic shopping online. Until we can make the full switch, though, there are a few nuisances that just can't be avoided. Ranker polled makeup junkies to find out which things totally ruin their in-store shopping experiences and we're sure that you'll be able to relate to some of them, maybe all of them.

Are there any makeup shopping peeves we missed?

Dirty Makeup Testers That Haven't Been Cleaned In Forever

"Gross makeup testers. I hate when I stain my clothes just because I brushed against a tester with makeup oozing out of it."

Employees Who Give Bad Makeup Advice

"When someone who is an orange Oompa Loompa with huge, over drawn eyebrows tries to give me makeup advice. Go. Away."

Expensive Products That Aren't Worth The Hype

"When a product is too expensive and comes in a small container/package that doesn't last long."

Being Recommended Products Because They're Expensive Not Because They Suit You

"I have really bad acne, so I hate when they recommend me "lightweight" and "natural-looking" foundation cause they're more expensive."

Being Judged For Going Makeup-Free While Shopping

"When I get disgusted looks from employees cause I don't have a full face of glam makeup on and get looked at and treated like I don't know what I'm doing there in the first place."

Makeup Employees That Don't Know Anything About Makeup

"Salespeople who don’t know what the hell they're doing, [showing] up for work looking like an orange with bright blue tacky Marc Jacobs eyeshadow, no eyeliner, no mascara."

Customers That Open And Test Drugstore Makeup But Don't Buy It

"Women that open drugstore makeup packaging, test it on their face, and put the opened package back on the rack."

Employees That Have No Desire To Help Customers

"Sales people that will go out of their way to avoid helping you."

Finding The Perfect Product Only To Have It Be Discontinued

"When you FINALLY find the perfect "whatever" then when it's time to replenish your supply, WHAMMO, discontinued."

Products That Only Have Testers In Stock

"When you find the perfect whatever and then it is NEVER in stock. Fenty Beauty is notorious for this with foundation"

People That Discredit Cheaper Makeup Brands

"When people think you have to spend $200 on makeup when you can get the same effect with "off brands." It's not all about the brand of makeup all the time, it's the artist."

Children That Run Around Unsupervised

"When people take their little ones and either ignore that their kiddos are DESTROYING the store and testers, or they don't see them."

Employees That Won't Let You Shop In Peace

"When the clerk [follows you] asking if they can help you 15 times and hovering as you walk through the store. If I need help I’ll ask. Otherwise, I’m there for the makeup and to have fun, not to be stalked."

Customers That Apply Testers (That Everyone Else Uses) Directly On Their Skin

"Seeing someone apply testers directly to their face. No sponge, no cotton swab, nada - straight from tube or palette to eyes, lips, or face!"

The Horrible Fluorescent Lighting

"The lighting. Everyone knows you do your makeup (for best results) in natural light, not fluorescent. You will never ever get a perfect color match with terrible lighting. Sephora is too dark and Ulta is too bright. I take samples home and try them there."

Actually Paying

"The part where I have to pay for it."

Too Big Of A Selection

"I'm not saying variety is bad thing but holy sh*t I can't walk into CVS without crying these days because I'm just overwhelmed with not knowing wtf to buy."