15 Reasons Why Everyone Hates Taxi Cabs

There's a reason why transportation network companies (TNCs) like Uber are becoming the fastest growing companies of our time: taxi cabs are the absolute worst. Before Sidecar, Lyft, and Uber made their way into our hearts and our iPhones, urbanites (or single people headed to the airport) had to rely on common, yellow, taxi cabs. Sounds hellish, right? 

Anyone who says taxi cabs don't suck is either being blackmailed by the Illuminati, or they've never been in one. Word on the street is that people are going to start replacing the phrase, "Go to hell!," with, "Go hail a taxi!." Because seriously, you'd probably rather walk 20 blocks down Fifth Avenue during a snow storm than hail a smelly, mysteriously-stained taxi cab whose driver will hold you hostage until you finally convince them their credit card machine is, in fact, not broken.

The anticipation of getting in a cab is comparable to pulling the safety bar over your head as you await the start of a treacherous roller coaster... you can't help but feel like this might be the end. If you've ridden in a cab more than, like, twice, you probably have a terrifying, life-threatening story that you like to tell when things get awkward at uncomfortable LA industry parties. And how is that acceptable? Is the world really in that much of hurry? Are cabbies seriously that underpaid? 

The truth is, Carrie Bradshaw is a fraud - there's no way any one walks out of their apartment, whistles, and is seated comfortably inside a clean cab all within the same 30 seconds. If you're ready to commiserate about the ridiculousness that is the taxi industry, look through this list of the worst things about taxis and vote up the reasons that keep you loyal to Uber or public transit. Feel free to share your horror stories in the comments section below!

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  • 1
    100 votes

    Because Sometimes, They Don't Show Up When You Call Them

  • 2
    125 votes

    Cab Drivers Who Lie About the Fare

  • 3
    79 votes

    If You Leave Anything Behind in the Cab, Consider It Gone Forever

  • 4
    104 votes

    Sometimes, If You're New in Town, They'll Take the Long Way Home

  • 5
    92 votes

    The Terrible Rotten-Egg-Mixed-With-Halal-Cart-and-Menthol-Cigarettes Smell

  • 6
    57 votes

    You Never Know How Long It's Going to Take You to Hail One