The 30 Worst Things About Crowded Bars

Going out on the weekends is usually fun. But the bar or club of choice can really make or break a night out on the town with your friends. Sometimes some of the best known bars can actually be the least fun – for the sole reason that they are so popular. When crowds of people flock to the local watering hole, it can be disastrous for anyone who is trying to enjoy casual conversations, getting a drink in a timely manner, and being in a clean, civilized environment. Below are some of the worst things about crowded bars.
Photo: JasonUnbound / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0
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    Finding a Place to Sit

    Women can only stand in high heels for so long!
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    Can't Move

    One of the worst things about crowded bars is, obviously, the fact that they are crowded. This is especially painful if you are even a little bit claustrophobic.
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    People Shoving You Around

    One of the worst things about crowded bars is that people become careless with knocking into other people. 
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    Having to Scream to Hear Each Other

    ... then having to drink hot tea the next day because you basically lost your voice.
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    Expensive Drinks

    Crowded bars tend to know that they are the go-to spot, so they are comfortable with charging extra.
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    Long Wait for Drinks

    Most people go to bars with the intent of drinking – so when you have to wait 10 minutes every time you need one, it can be a little irritating.