The 30 Worst Things About Crowded Bars 

Casey Cavanagh
Updated February 13, 2020 2.3k votes 251 voters 36.1k views 30 items
Going out on the weekends is usually fun. But the bar or club of choice can really make or break a night out on the town with your friends. Sometimes some of the best known bars can actually be the least fun – for the sole reason that they are so popular. When crowds of people flock to the local watering hole, it can be disastrous for anyone who is trying to enjoy casual conversations, getting a drink in a timely manner, and being in a clean, civilized environment. Below are some of the worst things about crowded bars.
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Can't Move
One of the worst things about crowded bars is, obviously, the fact that they are crowded. This is especially painful if you are even a little bit claustrophobic.
Finding a Place to Sit
Women can only stand in high heels for so long!
Having to Scream to Hear Each Other
... then having to drink hot tea the next day because you basically lost your voice.
Long Wait for Drinks
Most people go to bars with the intent of drinking – so when you have to wait 10 minutes every time you need one, it can be a little irritating.
Long Bathroom Lines
One of the worst things about consistently consuming alcoholic beverages is that you need to consistently make trips to the bathroom.
Expensive Drinks
Crowded bars tend to know that they are the go-to spot, so they are comfortable with charging extra.
People Pushing & Not Apologizing
It's one thing to accidentally bump into someone – but to not apologize for it? That's just rude.
Fighting for Place at Bar
All is fair in love and drinking.
Paying Cover
I am already going to spend a fortune on drinks!
People Shoving You Around
One of the worst things about crowded bars is that people become careless with knocking into other people. 
Losing One of Your Belongings
When a bar is so crowded you can barely find your way to the bar, the chances of you finding that $20 you dropped are slim.
Sticky Floors
A crowded bar might not be the best place to wear your new shoes. Drunk people means a lot of spills, which means a lot of messes.
People Grabbing You
Just because this stranger won't be able to tell it was you doesn't mean you should do it. Please keep your hands to yourself.
One of the worst things about crowded bars is that when everyone is jammed inside like sardines, there tends to be a lot of body heat to deal with. Gross.
Long Entrance Line
Shouldn't they at least offer you complimentary cocktails while you wait?
Running into People You Know/Don't Like
When you go out to a crowded bar, you do so knowing that the more people there are, the more likely you are to run into someone you don't want to.
Repeatedly Having to Explain to a Stranger You Can't Hear What They Are Saying
While you are flattered they have an interest in talking to you, so many people at once makes it hard to hear, so now you are stuck just smiling and nodding so you don't have to ask them to repeat themselves for the fifth time.
Spending Most of Time Waiting in Line
Whether it is waiting outside to get in or waiting inside for the bathroom, it seems like your Saturday night can quickly turn into one big waiting game.
Wet Floors
Nothing can ruin a perfectly good night by slipping and falling in front of massive amounts of people.
Getting Lost in Crowd
Not only did you waste so much precious time waiting in line for the bathroom, but now you have lost all your friends and have to plow through the crowd in search for them.
Spending Most of Time Trying to Find Somewhere Better to Sit/Stand
When a bar is too crowded, people waste time trying to decide the best place for them to comfortably stand that they could otherwise have spent dancing.
Can't See Anything but People's Backs
Unless you're the tallest person there.
Tipping Bathroom Attendant
I am perfectly capable of dispensing my own paper towels!
No Re-entry
You already paid the cover, so now if you want to try out another bar, you better be willing to commit, because you will only have to pay again if you choose to come back.
Trying to Dance
I can barely walk to the bar, how am I supposed to dance in a circle with my friends?