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27 Reasons the DC Movies Kind of Suck

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At times it can be hard to quantify what makes a movie bad. Some films just leave you feeling a keen sense of blah. But not the films of the DC Cinematic Universe; the movies that make up DC’s growing slate of properties each have their own, unique acrid aroma that permeates each frame. With a terrifying number of new films on the horizon, it’s time to lay out all the reasons the DC movies are bad. Do you remember the last time you had fun in a DC movie? Did Suicide Squad truly inspire you to smile? Or were you checking your watch and timing your next bathroom break? Come along, true believer, and find out exactly why the DC films are bad.

The worst things about the DC Cinematic Universe is there’s no fun in any of the movies, which is strange, because DC TV shows are fun. Seems like whomever runs DC’s film division forgot they’re making movies for children about people who wear spandex and fight robots while flying through space. It’s hard to understand how someone could take such a fun concept and render it completely joyless, but the folks behind the DC films have figured it out. Whether you’re a Marvel fan boy here to revel in the quicksand of DC’s Cinematic Universe, or you’re a DC die hard here to get angry, keep reading to find out why DC’s movies are the worst.

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